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I recently came across this really cool website that connects buyers and sellers in a completely new way.

The cool thing about the website called Pitchi is that it focuses on buyers who sell new or repurposed vintage items. Two things I am pretty passionate about- vintage and repurposing!

Basically Pitchi s an innovative online video selling platform, designed to help people sell and buy online in the most personal, engaging and interactive way.

The video below shows one of the independent designers promoting her beautiful handcrafted rugs.

It’s a really great way for new designers to get themselves seen and heard within the online world and a great way for buyers to find unique items. Not only this, it also allows the buyer to see why the seller is so passionate and creates a connection between buyer and seller like never seen before.

This innovative tool is a great way for sellers to communicate with their buyers, kind of like having a real brick and mortar store but without the cost!

Pitchi exists as a platform for young businesses or anyone with an entrepreneurial dream to sell their products to a mass audience at no cost.

So whether you are an indie designer wanting to be seen, a buyer looking for cool gifts for friends or even an established online seller, there is something in Pitchi for everyone!

And just because I can, here is another one of my favourites: 

As some one who also designs and sells things online I am thinking about getting on the Pitchi bandwagon- will you come join me?

My Top Favourite Sandals From

As an Australian it is part of our culture to wear “thongs” or what the US call flip-flops or sometimes sandals. Living in a relatively hot country these shoes are a must have summer essential item.

Some of my favorites from include the following:

Similar to Haviana’s these lovely sandals (or thongs!) look like something you could wear casually to a picnic or down to the shops. Sometimes there is nothing more comfortable then basic flat sandals. I like them in green.

For the fashion go-getters these sparkly sandals will suit numerous occasions from the beach to a class at uni. Definitely for the girly girl who loves a little sparkle in her life.

Another stylish option these leather sandals feature a funky animal print strap and look super comfy. I am a big fan of animal print when worn correctly and it pretty much always looks great in shoes.

Another must have item in Australia is boots! Long, calf-length or ankle – boots can be worn with most outfits and are so much fun to wear in the cooler months. I always recommend a pair of boots in knee length, ankle and combat. I love my doc martens combat boots as they are great for rainy weather too!

I recommend checking out the Arabian Braid. These are a good colour, length and style and would look amazing with jeans.

My Top 5 Picks For Super Slimming Jeans from NYDJ

As a woman I am always conscious of what I look like in jeans. I have friends that won’t even wear jeans, as they are so self-conscious about their bodies. I suggest it’s time we embrace our bodies for what they are and find flattering jeans to suit every body!

The Black Bootcut Jeans

Nothing is more slimming and flattering than a beautiful pair of black jeans for women. For pear shaped ladies, go for bootcut styles like the Barbara Modern Bootcut Jeans from NYDJ.

Super stretch denim or jeggings

There is something so relaxing about wearing comfortable slimming jeans. I suggest going for something like the Alina super stretch jeans if you are looking for a flattering but casual option for a weekend party or for bumming around the house in.

Straight Leg Jeans

They fit and flatter every body so get your hands on some of these babies ASAP! I always go for darker colours with a higher waist, which is always more slimming and flattering. My pick is the Hayley Straight Leg jeans by NYDJ.

Petite Jeans

As a shorter person it is best to go for ankle length jeans as they elongate the leg more when worn with heels or wedges. Look for darker colours or go for a mid blue like the Clarissa Skinny Ankle jeans.

Skinny Jeans

Not everyone wants to wear them, but they can be super flattering when worn with the right top and shoes, not to mention jackets and belts. I love the Sheri skinny in premium lightweight denim.

So get dressed in some denim ladies, and hit the town knowing you look beautiful as always.

XO Ilana

My Top 5 Must-Have Books for Christmas

As a writer I find myself reading all of the time. I always find that in order to write better you should always be reading and absorbing knowledge.

Some of my favourite authors include Stephen King, David Eddings, and Cassandra Clare. I definitely enjoy fantasy novels or thrillers best as I find they are easy to get absorbed into. Sometimes it is fun living in a fantasy world that you would otherwise never be apart of. The best writers allow you to do this.

On another note I recently checked out Bookworld for some Christmas gift ideas and got distracted by some books I really want for Christmas. Here is my top 5.

As a fan of the TV show Girls I would love to get my hands on Lena’s first essay book about her life so far. I think she’s the type of writer you either love or hate. She’s never afraid to talk or write about anything so even if you don’t like her you gotta admire her spirit.

I get pretty damn excited when Mr King publishes a new book and this one is no exception. Although some of his more new work hasn’t been as good as the older stuff, the topic of life after death is always something fun to read about.

I’ve actually read this book but it makes a great gift for anyone who hasn’t been fortunate enough to get his or her hands on this yet. The book is well written, suspenseful and easy to read. I am definitely a lover of Ms Flynn’s writing style and hope to read more of her books as they come out.

Definitely on my summer reading list, I am excited to read this novel about a young women whose life was turned upside down when her brother apparently murdered her entire family.

Not gonna lie, I am a sucker for YA- fiction. Nothing is better than a love story that doesn’t work out perfectly. Having already seen the film I am definitely looking forward to reading the book. 

The Perfect Christmas Gift With Emma & Roe Deco Collection!

With Christmas just over a month away, now is the time to start organising gifts for your family and friends. If you are anything like me you leave your Christmas shopping till Christmas Eve and then have a huge panic attack trying to get everything on the list before the shops close.

A beautiful gift

This year get your mum, sister, best friend, yourself (you get the drift) a lovely and unique charm bracelet from the Michael Hill Jeweller.
Being a lover of vintage, my favourite collection by far is the Emma & Roe Deco Collection which combines vintage style with modern elegance.

Michael Hill also has a cool charm builder page where you can design your own charm bracelet...brace yourself, it is quite addictive and fun!

Art Deco

Here are my favourite pieces from the Deco Collection. I am always inspired by mixed jewellery so the gold and silver elements and the silver and black elements are just stunning in my opinion.

Rose Gold and Sterling Silver Art Deco Charm

Definitely my favourite charm in the collection, this screams elegant vintage style. Couldn't you just see Daisy wearing this??

Nothing beats a classy sterling silver with black accents. These two would go perfect together with a plain silver charm in between.

So with your Christmas gifts now sorted you can spend the rest of the time stressing about what to wear to that Christmas party. 

XO Ilana

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans

So for a stint of 2 months I worked in a jeans shop. It was really fun and I enjoyed helping people find the perfect pair of denim jeans to suit their body type.
So here are my top 5 tips for finding the right pair!

1.    For Pear Shaped Women

The perfect pair of jeans for a pear shaped woman (like myself) is one that has a small waist but curvy everywhere else. You may wish to purchase some designer jeans and this is great but there are also plenty of cheaper options available. Levis do a wonderful range to suit different body types so check them out.

2. For Apple Shaped Women

Women with an apple shape suit a high-waisted jean. A lot of people are scared to try new styles always sticking to the same one. However if you are an apple shape go for bootcut jeans with a high-waist and see the amazing results!

3. For Ruler Shaped Women

Skinny jeans are your best friend. Get into those right away. Balance it out with a billowy top belted at the waist to give you a more curvy look.

4. Jeans for Everybody

Most people can wear straight leg jeans without any issues. Try to find some cool ripped jeans for women at the shops or why not make your own with a pair you already own and love!

5. Jeans for Men

Need to find the perfect fit for your partner? Mens jeans are different from womens jeans as they are longer in length and the rise is also longer. Although a lot of men wont wear skinny jeans I do recommend you get them to try on some straight leg jeans. Most men look amazing in these and wont even think to try these out without a little push from you!

So I hope you like my tips! Have a great week everyone.

XO Ilana


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