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Interesting Facts about Fancy Colour Diamonds

Being one of the hardest and stable substances, diamonds are considered as the most precious gemstones by many people. These gemstones are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours from which one can choose as per his/her liking and budget. In the last few years, fancy colour diamonds are earning popularity due to various reasons. The most suitable reason of their popularity is that they add creativity and colour to the jewellery. Brief information about fancy colour diamonds is provided here under.



There are different types of diamonds. They can be divided into three main groups on the basis of their colour, such as the following: 

White diamonds: These diamonds are the most commonly used diamonds in the jewellery industry. It is graded from D to Z in terms of colour.

Industrial diamonds: They are produced globally in mostly brown, black and grey colours for industrial use only instead of jewellery. 

Fancy colour diamonds: These diamonds are considered the best in the diamond industry as only a small percentage of diamonds in the entire industry come under this category. These diamonds are extremely rare and are available in 27 fancy colours including blue, red, pink and green.


The grading of fancy colour diamonds in terms of their colour is a bit different from that of white diamonds. The colour grading of white diamonds ranges from D to Z in which D is used for the whitest diamonds and Z for the diamonds having most colours. Z grade is also considered as a borderline between white and fancy colour diamonds. In terms of colours, fancy colour diamonds can be divided into 9 grades. If you are looking for fancy colour diamonds for jewellery, you should understand that the pricing of fancy colour diamonds is done in ascending order starting from faint coloured diamonds to bright and dark coloured diamonds. offer the best price according to the grade of the diamond. Visit their website to see their astonishing collection.

4Cs And Fancy Colour Diamonds

Fancy colour diamonds are graded like other diamonds by using 4Cs. They consider carat, clarity, cut and colour while grading the diamond in fancy colours. But for certain colours like blue, red, pink and green, the rest of the three Cs do not affect their grading due to their rare availability.

Reputable jewellers offer diamonds with a certification from the GIA which maintains best practices for evaluating diamond quality while grading them. So, if you’re purchasing fancy colour diamonds, make sure that you’re dealing with reputable jewellers or diamond merchants.

Rarity Of Fancy Colour Diamonds 

Fancy colour diamonds look very unique as they are extremely rare and difficult to find. Though they are available in 27 different shades, some of the attractive looking diamonds of this category may contain more than one colour. On the whole, they are available in more than 200 colour combinations. As the diamonds created by remaining deep inside the earth for a long time, they get their fancy colour from the different chemicals they encounter during this period. Their exposure to radiation and nitrogen provides them green and yellow colours but boron present under the earth provides them blue colour. But, the authentic cause of yellow coloured diamonds is not known till date. 

The information provided in this write-up can help you in finding a suitable fancy colour diamond for you or your loved ones at a reasonable price. 

Set a Budget Before You Shop for a Diamond Wedding Ring

If you or your fiancé are fans of celebrity news, you probably have gotten caught up in the extensive pre- and post-wedding coverage. At the heart of each story lies the very same element  -- the diamond engagement ring. Remember that costly and ostentatious doesn’t equate true love. You need only to look at Kim Kardashian and her first husband’s million-dollar plus wedding, which included a very short time worn, but an enormous wedding ring.

Whatever traditions you adhere to, one that seems to cross cultural and economic lines is the ubiquitous diamond engagement ring. The engagement ring is a coveted visual confirmation of a couple’s love and commitment to each other. In other words, few couples get engaged, and subsequently get married, without an engagement ring.

Start looking and researching the available possibilities, and get an idea of what the price range is for diamond engagement rings. It may help you to look at the best diamond wedding rings in Melbourne at Simon West Fine Jewellery.

Don’t forget that no matter what your aesthetic preference, you must consider who will be wearing that ring. That means you must ask yourself, “What does the potential bearer of the ring enjoy?” Consider the types of jewellery she already owns – and critically – the kind of jewellery she is drawn to. It’s time to pay attention to what she admires. Depending on how you’d like to surprise her (if you want to surprise her), you may be the kind of couple who has already discussed your future together – including the most important elements (for example, to have or to not have children likely being at the top of the list). This means, should your surprise be complete (she wouldn’t be expecting it) or just the details  (when you’ll formally ask her to be your bride)?

If you already know that you are each other’s future mate, you may want to let her look at jewellery websites. For example, a great place to start is to show her some perfect ring designs. This way you will get an idea on what she would like to have.

And while you have no plans – or intentions of skimping when you do purchase a diamond engagement ring, The Knot offers up an article on “8 Ways to Get the Most for Your Money When Buying An Engagement Ring”.
To recap, plan ahead – start saving for a ring as soon as you realize you’re considering spending your lives together. Know your budget and have some idea of what a diamond engagement ring will cost. And, whether you’re going to opt for a complete or partial surprise when you “pop-the-question,” your next step will be to determine a proper budget.

To calculate your budget, collect records of all of your income, as well as all of your expenses. Be sure you add in the variable expenses like grocery shopping or car maintenance. Combine all your expenses and divide by 12.
Compare the income with the expenses. Hopefully, the former will be a larger number than the latter.
Most people determine what they currently have and compare appropriately; you’ll have choices of dipping into your savings, charging or using the jewellery store’s credit.  Be sure that the money you’re putting aside monthly will be enough for the ring your fiancé wants and stick to it. It’s easy to waver – to use the money for something else, to be fallen with an “emergency” or be confident you’ll make the money back later – so take a deep breath and consider all actions carefully. 

Unique Cuts of Diamonds That Add Fire

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Diamonds have always fascinated humans. Originating from the depths of the earth, the stone is born from a mixture of minerals and molten lava as it rises to the top. Diamond cuts however didn’t start to come into the scene until later in 1866, originating from South Africa.

Ever since that day, the cut of a diamond has been considered to make a big change to its overall beauty and value. Some experts would even say it is the most important element of all the four C’s (clarity, colour, carat and cut). Why is this? Because the shape of the diamond (its cut) can bring to life the shine of the stone due to how it reflects the light. This element will give your diamond ring the fire you crave!

Hunting down a ring with the perfect cut is easier than you think. When looking for unique engagement rings collection in Sydney for example, Delphi Diamonds have a range of diamond cuts.  We have handpicked the best cuts that provide the most sparkle so when you begin searching, you know exactly what to look for.

Radiant cut

The radiant cut as you may have guessed is a combination of the round and square shaped cuts. In effect, you get the best of both worlds as the bright fire and life within the round mixes with the neat, clipped edges of the square. The radiant diamond ring seeks to combine the best characteristics in the round and emerald cut for a shape that’s unlike any other.

These become a popular choice for engagement rings because they really don’t need to have to big carat weight to produce that ‘wow’ effect. This cut has become known to possess a strong fire and because it’s usually deeper than other cuts, the base of the diamond (its facets) increases thus exaggerating the radiance and fire in its shine. 

Princess cut diamond

This shape is very similar to the radiant cut and is the second most popular diamond after round brilliant. Known for its rectangular shape, it also becomes a beautiful choice for a striking engagement ring with a similar fire to the radiant cut.

The trillion cut

This triangle shaped diamond is made up of 3 sides of equal measurements and can either come in a solitaire or accent shape. This unusual shape is also known for showcasing a fiery flash and really being a stand-out cut which adds great depth to the stone. The great thing about trillion cuts is that they also make great side stones for wedding rings as they complement the main diamond beautifully.

Round brilliant

Hands down, still the most popular ring on the engagement market today. No wonder why with its classic beauty and shine. Its facets are not as high as the radiant cut (usually around 57) therefore the base is not as big but the round brilliant carries a shape that maximises sparkle.

These cuts can make for beautiful engagement rings due to their intense fire and shine. Looking out for these cuts next time you go ring shopping with ensure you make a choice you won’t regret.

Do You Know The Difference Between Silver Plated And Sterling Silver?

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Silver, like gold, is one of the oldest metals for jewellery design. Silver is highly malleable and reflective, and has been transformed into everything from mirrors to flatware, but by far its most enduring use is as a personal adornment. Since silver doesn’t tarnish when it is worn, it is associated with purity. Both economical and versatile, silver can be worked into bold earrings, thick chains, or even something delicate. Understanding the difference between silver plated and sterling silver jeweller will help when choosing your pieces.

·         Sterling Silver

One of the most popular options is classy sterling silver jewellery. This variety comprises 92.5 percent pure silver that is alloyed with other metals, particularly copper. Sterling silver is the oldest of alloys still in use today and was first recorded in the late tenth century. The alloy tends to have a lower melting point than pure copper or fine silver, making it easier to manufacture and withstands better than a pure metal.

Sterling silver can retain its silver workability and brilliance; however, it is far more robust than pure silver. The other metals found in the alloy seem to reduce its tendency to tarnish.

Sterling silver pieces bear a stamp of purity with the number of its parts per thousand of pure silver, which is 925. Some jewellery makers will refer to sterling silver as “925 silver.”

 ·         Silver Plated Jewellery

Just as with other precious metals and jewellery, silver can vary in price. Although it has yet to approach the prices of platinum or gold in recent years, the cost has risen as more and more industrial uses are found for it. One solution to the rising cost of the metal is to use less in jewellery while retaining its durability and brilliance. Silver plating seems to be the solution that many manufacturers are choosing. Two of the most popular methods of plating a base metal with silver are known as filling and electroplating.

A Few Tips for Buying Silver Jewellery

When it comes to shopping for silver jewellery, take note of the markings on the inside of the item. Some handcrafted pieces won’t bear the mark “sterling” or “925,” even if they are sterling.
Silver does not cause skin reactions. Many people who suffer from skin irritations or jewellery staining have been wearing an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc, and nickel silver that does not contain a precious metal.

Silver-plated jeweller is the best option for items that you are only going to wear occasionally. With everyday use, the thin layer of silver tends to wear away over time, exposing the base metal that will stain skin or corrode.


Silver is a precious metal with an accessible price. For those people who appreciate its beauty, it seems to be favoured over gold, but inexpensive enough to wear as a fashion accessory. Thanks to silver filing and plating, even costume jewellery can be encased in a precious metal. While silver may not necessarily retain its connection to purity, it certainly has a link with history, and even the most modern silver designs have something in common with ancient 

4 Reasons to Choose a Custom Engagement Ring

If you’re getting ready to pop the question, you may want to consider comparing custom engagement rings vs. ordinary, mass-produced rings. If you have already decided to go down the route of having a unique ring made, you’re headed in a great direction! Custom rings have a variety of unique advantages over the rings you’ll find in most jewellery stores. And no matter what you decide to do, you’re already putting in extra-special effort to find a ring your partner will love, and that is the most important thing.

Why Should You Consider Custom Engagement Rings?

With more and more national jewellery franchises popping up, particularly in shopping malls, and the less faceless online jewellery shops, buying an engagement ring has never been easier. You can see a collection of custom engagement rings in Brisbane online to get an idea why these rings are so in demand!

Buying a mass-produced ring or picking one online is certainly convenient, but what exactly will your soon-to-be-fiancé think? No doubt she has been dreaming about receiving the perfect ring, from her perfect guy, for pretty much her entire life. Just imagine her disappointment when she discovers the ring was purchased from a well-known website, or when she feels the ring lacks the beauty and quality she was hoping for.

By doing your homework to see how custom engagement rings compare to standard pieces,   you are already going to lengths to show her you do care about giving her something very special.

So, let us delve into some of the reasons why custom engagement rings are the way to go.

The 4 Advantages of Custom Engagement Rings

1.      Picking a custom engagement ring will show just how devoted you are to her. When you decide to have a unique ring created, you get to be involved in the entire process, sharing your ideas and making sure the ring will be even more exquisite than she has always dreamed about. This on its own demonstrates a higher level of love and devotion that your loved one is bound to appreciate.

2.      Purchasing an engagement ring from a franchise jewellery store, or a larger chain store, means you are giving your partner a ring that possibly thousands of other people already own. The large jewellery manufacturers churn out rings en masse and make use of driven marketing tactics to sell them world-wide. However, custom engagement rings are built especially for you, ensuring they really are one of a kind.

3.      Custom-made engagement rings are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and quality. When you decide to purchase a custom-made ring from a skilled designer, you are assured that it is created by an expert who has specialised training and experience. You just cannot get this calibre of quality from mass-produce rings, as they will have been created quickly along an assembly line.

4.      An experienced ring designer will care about you, your partner, and helping you woo her with jewellery. Therefore, the designer will treat you with courtesy and respect, as opposed to focusing on a commission. At the larger jewellery stores, salespeople are more motivated by money and the pressure to move items, than focusing on the customer. Their job is primarily to get you to buy the costliest jewellery in the shop, no matter what you would really like to buy. This is probably why some men dread buying engagement rings.

So, if you are looking for the best engagement ring for your loved one, a custom made ring is always the best options. We hope that this article has helped you make a final decision on your purchase.

A Guide to Selecting Men’s Wedding Rings

Maybe you’re envisioning the traditional, flat metal weddings because that’s all you know of. However, nowadays, your ring choices are as endless as your fiancé’s.  We don’t want you to become overwhelmed so keep a few points in mind like fit, durability, metal choice, diamonds, and personalising the ring to your lifestyle.

·         Metal Choice - Gold is still a traditional and popular choice, most often found in 18 carat gold since 24 carat gold is almost too soft to work with.  You’ll find higher percentages of pure gold in 18 carat and 24 carat, but you’ll also pay more. Many couples love the two-tone or even three-tone effect of combining white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.  If you want a luxurious ring that’s shiny and durable, think about platinum.  While they’re not scratch resistant, they’re specialised in that they don’t lose surface volume if they are scratched.  A subtle matte finish pairs well with platinum, but you’ll have to take care of it.

·         Your lifestyle - On average, men’s weddings rings suffer more wear and tear than women’s because of men’s occupations so keep that in mind.  Are you planning to wear you ring to work every day? Do you work in a machine shop or play lots of sports? Then, you may wish to consider sturdier metals like platinum and watch certain finishes and details because they’ll be more noticeable after you bump your ring repeatedly.

·         Comfort and fit - Most traditional rings feature a squared off interior, which may end up pinching your fingers. That’s why most men prefer the comfort and style of the newer men’s rings, which are more curved and rounded versus flat and square.

·         Diamonds and detailing - Today men’s diamond rings are known as fashionable and trendy versus unusual. Most men’s wedding band’s use diamonds as one of the details in the ring as opposed to the centrepiece in a woman’s ring.  You can view an extensive array of stylish men’s wedding rings and see which one works best for you.

·         Size - If you go to a reputable jeweller, they can measure your ring finger and figure out your band size with no issues. All you need to do is decide on the width of the ring. Generally, you’ll want at least a millimetre between the top of tour ring and your knuckle.  Once you’ve figured that out, you can look at rings and decide if you want a wider one, or a more slender ring.

·         Details - Consider adding some detail and personalisation to make your wedding band unique. Maybe you want to pay homage to your heritage with a Celtic design or maybe you like the look of an 8-band puzzle ring. If you’re fiancé has a diamond and gemstone engagement ring, perhaps you want a bold strip of diamond and gemstones along yours. You can find all these types of rings and more at Ringleaders, a reputable jewellery store in Brisbane.

Now that you’ve selected all your rings, congratulations. You’ve checked yet another thing off the checklist. Wear that ring proudly and have a wonderful wedding day.


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