Pet loss Tattoo - Remembering Phoebe

Recently my beautiful dog Phoebe passed away. She was 15.5 years old and had been with me for half of my life. Phoebe's death is the hardest thing I have had to deal with so far. She was my best friend and I will never forget her.

So I got a tattoo to remember her by. I saw a similar design on Pinterest but asked the tattoo artist to add Phoebe's name into the tattoo.

This is one of our last photos together on the day we had to get her put to sleep.

I miss her everyday but I am glad to know she is no longer in pain. I love you girl.

How to Tell If a Room is Too Small for a Corner Sofa

Corner sofas are sought after because they provide great seating area with a relatively small footprint. Meaning you get more places to sit per square metre. However, they are not suitable for every room and can be too small for some rooms. This isn’t just in terms of being able to fit the sofa in, but also to fit your life in around it. Luckily, they come in all shapes and sizes, so just choose carefully and heed the advice to follow...

Firstly, you will need to ascertain whether or not your desired sofa will fit through the doors (the front door and the doors that lead to the room in which the sofa will reside). It sounds so simple, but so many people make this mistake only to have to watch their dream sofa have to be loaded back onto the lorry when it can’t even get in the front door. It can happen! So, to begin with you will need to take a good look at that desirable sofa in the showroom and think, “is this just designed for the fabulously wealthy with double front doors?!”. Here’s kind of what I have in mind: How to get big sofas through the door.

Speaking of measuring, the most obvious answer to the question “how do I tell if my room is too small for a corner sofa?” is “how big is the room?”. Again, sounds like a simple enough question to ask oneself, but it isn’t just a matter of whether the sofa will fit in a room. Many rooms will fit even the largest corner sofa, but can you then get in and out of the room? Will there be enough room to walk around it? Will there be enough room for two people to walk around it at the same time (i.e. without causing a traffic jam in your lounge)?


Secondly, there is your lifestyle to consider. If you have a small living room and have your heart set on a corner, will it fit in with your everyday comings and goings.  A case in point would be a small family, with a newborn. The corner sofa you lovingly installed in the front room might become a nightmare if you discover you can’t get the pram to fit past it. Trying to manoeuvre a sleeping baby through a minefield of bumps and scrapes behind the vast corner sofa is not conducive to a happy family. Nor is trying to squeeze through a small gap between the wall and the settee with a tray of hot food or, more drastically, of full glasses of wine!

Flow of the room

Then you might want to think about the flow of the room. Will the sofa cut off the most obvious path through the room? You may like the idea of creating an interesting new way through which to amble to the next room. But when you’re in a hurry to get out of the front door or if you hear the potatoes boiling over in the kitchen, you won’t appreciate that extra mileage. Don’t disrupt the natural flow of a room for the sake of an oversized sofa. You don’t want to end up with a confusing room like this:

Will the sofa block a cupboard or doorway? There is no point compromising on the off chance that you won’t mind lugging a heavy sofa back and forth every time you need access to said doorway or cupboard. It will become tedious and whatever is kept in that cupboard will stay there for eternity, gathering dust because, trust us, eventually you will give up on moving the sofa! Likewise, you may think that you won’t miss the view from a full length window that the sofa might have to go in front of.  But you will. And people will comment on the strangeness of this decision.

Facing dilemma

Take into account the direction the corner sofa will face. This covers a multitude of reasons for not choosing certain sofas. The most obvious reason for not buying an oversized sofa is if any position on the sofa cannot see the TV. For some, this could spell disaster – the resulting arguments over who is where on the sofa will be terrible. Perhaps TV isn’t your focal point in the lounge, or you’re lucky enough to have a TV room for that sort of thing. In that case, think about whether the sofa will be able to face the window or the fire or whatever is the focus in that room. Here’s a handy guide on arranging living room furniture.

Last thoughts
In summary, you need to think hard about purchasing a sofa, whatever the size or shape. Consider the layout of the room, the dimensions of the sofa and the focal point in the room. Take into account existing furniture such as coffee tables, lamps or side tables. Above all, contemplate daily life with a sofa that shape and size, will it fit around you, or will you be struggling to fit around it?

My Vegan Dr Martens Review

Hi guys hope you will check out my Vegan doc martens review on YouTube.

XO Ilana

My new YouTube Channel Be More with Raw

Hi Everyone I hope you will find the time to visit my YouTube channel. Please subscribe if you can I would be so ever grateful. It is called Be More with Raw and will feature recipes, make-up reviews and anything vegan or food related. I will also do updates on my progress following the 801010 and rawtill4 lifestyles.

I am so excited about this and hope you are too!

Please let me know in the comments if you have checked it out

XO Ilana

I'm Graduating!

my modern vintage blog australian fashion

vegan bags australia

vintage pretty style outfits mod retro

modcloth dress

Wearing: Modcloth dress, LaTique Handbag

So I am back and uni is over! Yay.
I am considering going back to finish my law degree- is that crazy? Surely I should want to enjoy not having deadlines and the stress associated with study?
I don't know. I just feel like it is so hard to have a career these days. Most people have jobs but those jobs aren't necessarily careers.
My dream job would be working for myself doing design or telling people about healthy food.
I have also started a YouTube channel which I will share next post.

Hope you had a great long weekend!

XO Ilana

Cute Cat Shoes!

I am totally in love with these adorable shoes that I got from my sponsor Sammy Dress.You can find them here.

Unfortunately they are too small but I can still admire them from afar. They are beautiful quality too I just wish they fit. Perhaps I can get them stretched?

XO Ilana

6 Jewellery Trends for 2014


It’s not surprising that vintage jewellery is hotter than ever. This year’s trends make a statement about who we are and how we choose to live our lives. Rhinestone earrings, glittering pendants, layered bracelets, and rings rule.  The simple fact is that the retro look has never gone out of style. For several decades, women have loved delicate and sensational pieces that add glamour and allure. Custom and costume jewellery, as well as beaded, sequined, and jewelled handbags have inspired women for generations. The beauty of it is that vintage glam is about the individual, as the following six jewellery trends reveal.

Vintage Emerald and Jade:
Vintage appeal is built around semi-precious gems, crystals, sequins, beads, and a variety of silk and textured fabrics. One of this season’s top trends includes green emeralds, jade, sapphire, garnets, crystal, and/or tourmaline. A reflection of nature, green represents luck, tranquillity, health, and desire. Majestically cut, emerald designs like those found at Michael Hill jewellery sales online are timelessly captured in square, rectangular, teardrops, round, and oval shapes.

Ageless Yellow Diamonds:
Yellow diamond rings have been trending for several months. Seen on supermodels and actresses, yellow diamonds project power and individuality. Simple yet captivating, diamonds of fancy vivid, dark, and deep yellow are breathlessly alluring. Along with retaining their retro charm, natural yellow diamonds generally cost a little less than pure white diamonds.
Cocktail Rings and Gemstones:
Colourful and exotic, the fifties and sixties are alive and centre stage! Beautiful and intoxicating, cocktail rings offer a vibrant collection of semi-precious and costume stones. In blue topaz, turquoise, lilac amethyst, and lemon quartz… cocktail rings will light up any evening!

Classic Black Diamonds:
Understated simplicity speaks volumes. Black diamonds are not only gorgeous, they are stunning. Vintage styles speak of 007 and velvet nights, the ideal mate for that darling black little dress and stiletto heels. Stately yet discreet, black diamonds are unparalleled within both yellow and white-gold earring, ring, and necklace settings.

Orchid and Orange Pop:
Fuchsia, purple-pink, and orange seem to jump out from the pages of vintage Vogue. A favourite from the sixties and seventies, and the 2014 colour choice, pinks and tangerines sizzle.

Drop and Stud Earrings:
Take diamonds and gems to the next level with this year’s earring trends. Drop-sets and chandeliers are eye-catching and lovely, while simple studs get the message across in a slightly more understated manner. Elegant earrings add vintage charm, tailored to match any wardrobe. No longer confined to simple white diamonds and pearls, retro studs and drops are designed with gem clusters, coloured rhinestones, twists, and swirls.

Classic Art and Nouveau:
These six jewellery trends include colour, stones, and settings that reflect the past while forecasting the future. Today it is easy to buy jewellery online that flawlessly blends vintage style with contemporary panache, creating fashion statements as exclusive and splendid as they were forty, fifty, and sixty years ago!  


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