Looking for new jewlery for my double helix peircing

As someone who loves body piercings I am always after fun new jewellery at good prices. Recently I just had my double helix piercing done so once it reaches the three month mark I will be replacing the original barbells with something more fun.

I really like to wear captive bead rings in helix piercings and because they are so close together I think it would be cute to get the same jewellery for both holes. I really like this 4mm Diamond Pave Ball 14K White Gold Captive Bead Ring from Fresh Trends. It is pretty but also sparkly which are both plusses in my book. I can’t stand boring piercings or plain steel bars so anything with a bit of bling is always a good thing.

FYI I currently have 11 piercings and I find it so hard to find nice jewellery. I will probably also be looking for a new tragus jewellery and a new belly bar. I find my belly bars all eventually fall off so it is definitely a good thing to keep some spares on hand! Will put some pics up of my jewellery once I have reached the three month mark!

Beginner’s guide to creating your first flower crown

A floral crown is the perfect accessory this summer – or for weddings, outdoor parties, festivals, events, you name it! And it’s not even too hard (or expensive) to make one.
With a bit of imagination, tools, lovely flowers, and this guide, I’ll show you how easy it is to create your very own flower crown!
What you’ll need:
·      Scissors and garden shears
·      A 30- to 35- inch grapevine strand
·      4-6 feet of florist wire
·      Your most important consideration, of course, are the flowers you’ll use. You can either use cheap faux flowers from outlets or better yet, try fresh flowers. Not only does it smell lovely, no faux flower can replicate the natural beauty of living flowers. The real thing is better anyway, don’t you think? *wink* *wink*. If you have no garden or way to get them garden-fresh, then have it delivered straight at your door step by ordering flowers online. Sites like FreshFlowers.com.au make flower deliveries in Brisbane and other cities.
·      Imagination. These steps serve as your down-to-earth guide to creating your very own, personalized flower crown, but do remember to have fun and improvise as you go. There’s no better reward than seeing the end result of your own work. Have fun!

Step 1

Gather 2-3 small sprigs of fresh greenery, cut excess leaves and stem till they are no longer than 4-5 inches. Using the grapevine, press the band together with your thumb and index finger. Start molding your crown by wrapping the florist wire through the band to secure.

 Step 2
Add the flower to the base of the greenery, carefully covering the wrapped wire with the petal and enfolding it into the strand. I used white flowers because I’m tasked by the bride to create one. 99 more crowns to go after this one.

Step 3
Pinch the band together and start securing the flower to the bundle using florist wire. Wrap them together in a downward spiral motion, three to four times around the stem will do. Be careful not to overly squish the stem as this could cause the flower to lose moisture quickly.

Step 4
Add more greenery and bunch it together by wrapping the stem to the strand using florist wire. Add sparingly so that you don’t overwhelm the flowers. Continue adding flowers one by one and wrapping them to the band in your desired pattern.

Step 5
Once you’re finished creating a chain that is about 28-30 inches long, pull the end of the strand to form a circlet. Secure the end about halfway through the chain by wrapping the two together using a piece of florist wire, carefully covering the wire with greenery.

And you’re done! Once you have connected the whole circle, the crown should look like this! You now have a beautiful piece of hair accessory for your next event.

Remember to use real flowers over fake ones because not only will it look a heck of a lot better, but using the real thing ensures a more authentic vibe that will match your outfit.

Do tell us how your spree went!

The Right Look for Homecoming Queen Hopefuls

The big homecoming night is coming up and you’ve undoubtedly been busy getting ready for it. If you’re looking to outshine the other girls at the dance and be homecoming queen, you’ll have to do something absolutely special, unique, and stylish with your dress. Luckily there are plenty of options out there for you. You’ll need to scour them carefully to get an outfit that suits you perfectly and outshines all the others at the ball. If you don’t absolutely glean your choices, then you’re not going to find anything unique enough to stand out. So if you’re not the type to make the dressed down look work, here is a range of styles you can explore which will help give you the edge you’ll need to compete with the other homecoming hopefuls.

The two piece looks
The two piece look is undeniably all the rage for 2016 because it is such a wonderfully customizable outfit. This makes it perfect for those of you who would rather opt for a unique homecoming dresses this year. They come in long and short silhouettes and will compliment you whether you are looking for something sexy, sophisticated, or both. Explore options of crop tops that are embroidered, beaded, printed, plain, or a combination of these in matching or contrasting colors which will really make your style and flair pop.

High-low homecoming dresses
These are perfect for those who want to show off a bit of leg, or at the very least, those who want to show off their shoes. High-low homecoming dresses come in a range of styles and colors. They offer comfort for ladies who need room to walk and are perfect for medium height girls.  For those of you who are slightly taller, but just know you would look great in this type of dress, you may need to make some slight alterations to the dress’ length once you’ve bought it to avoid any embarrassing viewpoints or discomfort.

Plus sized homecoming dresses
You don’t need to be sickly and tiny to look amazing in a homecoming dress. Celebrate your natural and beautiful curves by investing in a plus size homecoming dress instead of putting yourself under the pressure of unrealistic and unnecessary weight goals. If you’re worried that your body type doesn’t allow you to take full advantage of your style at homecoming, it’s time to stop thinking so small. There is a wide range of plus sized dresses available on the market, designed by world class leaders in fashion, in many different styles, colors, and patterns.

Short homecoming dresses
True, they might not be for everyone, and your parents may not agree, but short homecoming dresses are sexy, stylish, sophisticated, and all the rage this season. Let your best features show themselves off in designs from Sherri Hill and Tiffany. Their gowns are designed to hug your body and keep heads turning. With the right sense of style and accessory combination, this look can create an aura of feminine majesty around you. If there is one time in your life where it is acceptable to tastefully show your features, it would be homecoming night.

This is a good starting point to making your individuality shine through in your sense of style.

Each type of gown available for you to choose from comes in an array of styles, designs, colors, and fits. They can be strapless, A-line, V-neck, beaded, printed; the options are limitless which is great when you consider the amount of room this gives you to tweak your outfit and give it a unique quality that really expresses who you are. Being homecoming queen is not just about who has the prettiest or most expensive dress on. The hallmark of great style is the ability to choose an outfit that compliments you as a person and displays both your physical beauty and your personality.

UK Engagement Rings: How Important is it to ‘Put a Ring on it?’

If you’re ready to propose, you must know your partner well and understand what’s important to her. If you’re commitment-ready, you’re thinking of two big things which will have starring roles in the memory scrapbook: the engagement ring and the proposal. An engagement does not have the legal binding of a marriage certificate, but holds an immeasurable emotional and symbolic impact for many couples.

Hidden Camera

Let’s start with the statement proposal. Consider the “Hidden Camera” option. It’s potentially low-key. Ask a very good (and very discrete) friend to assist you. Once you’ve perused UK engagement rings and chosen one for your (hopeful) betrothed, choose a place or location to propose. Position your friend/camera-person/video-person at a great viewing advantage, but out of sight. You make your private proposal, and the camera person emerge only at the “yes” and continue to film.

Shared Passion

If you share a particular passion, it can be a conduit to the proposal. This can be as “obvious” as a football game (but, for all that is good-and-holy, do not make any public announcements, ask to appear on the stadium’s giant screen, or run onto the field at half-time) or at a concert, or, as simple as taking the dog(s) on a play date. Whatever you choose, make it about the two of you. Grab a quiet minute amongst the fray and ask.

Grand Gesture

A grand gesture proposal is designed for a very specific type of couple, and a very specific type of (potential) fiancé. You better not be proposing at all if you don’t know that she will absolutely love this proposal.  Grand gestures can be made under the guise of celebrating something: a birthday, an anniversary, a promotion, a graduation. Some possible ideas: a hot-air balloon or a helicopter ride, getting a reservation at a famous restaurant, a special country picnic or rooftop wine tasting.

Flyaway Holiday

If you have the funds, you have the world at your feet. Look for the most romantic locations you can think of, whether it be the tropical climes of Hawaii or Fiji or Tahiti, or European sensibilities, like Paris in the spring time or North America, like Los Angeles on a summer night. If you’re adventurous, you can parasail, scuba, or ride horses on a scenic trail. You can go to rock n’ roll camp or drive race-cars on a closed circuit. Look at it this way: if she says “yes,” you’ll have quite a story to share. If she says “no,” then you at least had a lot of fun getting to that point.

For the proposal, there are things to keep in mind.

New Please

This doesn’t mean don’t buy a vintage ring, it means: do not offer her a ring you used to propose to an ex. Period. She may say she doesn’t mind, but she might, later. Just wait. You can use a family heirloom, but if its dated in a way that it’s not cool (some rings of the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s and early 1990s really “scream” out the era they were designed), you can discuss, with your jeweller, alternatives, and ways to use the family piece, but create a new and meaningful piece of jewellery.

Reverse Psychology

If you want to propose, and can do so after careful thought (and research, and shopping), then by all means, do propose. Do not wait for her to propose. As they say, man up.

Catch My Breath

Do not expect an immediate answer, and if she doesn’t say “yes” right away, let her catch her breath. You may have known about this for weeks, but she has not. She should be appropriately pleased, but if she hesitates, don’t stomp off and assume it is a resounding “no.” She may just need time for the proverbial “mulling it over.” You want your girlfriend to fiancé to wife to be thoughtful when decision making, right? So give her a flippin’ moment.

So Social

Propose in person. It can’t be said more simply. Don’t propose over the phone, in an email or text message, or in a video or on your favourite social media. Just to reiterate: propose in person.

How to Authenticate Your Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

As if choosing the right antique diamond engagement ring for your fiancée-to-be was not hard enough; authenticating the worth and age of your antique diamond engagement ring is an even more daunting task.

Age before Beauty

When it comes to antique diamond engagement rings, age is not everything although it is most certainly a focal point when verifying its value. Diamonds have been in circulation since 800 BC when they were first discovered in India, yet the most sought-after baubles seem to originate in the Georgian era (mid 1700‘s to mid 1800‘s) and are commonly known as “regency style”.

Starts with C

When it comes to verifying the value of an antique diamond engagement ring, the other traditional values come into play as well; carat, clarity, colour, and cut.

Carat – A metric carat weighs in at 200 milligrams and each carat can be sliced up into 100 points to provide a very clear, concise weight measurement.

Clarity – Internal attributes that affect clarity are called inclusions, while external attributes are called blemishes and together they dramatically affect clarity and value of a diamond.

Colour – Diamond colours range from colourless to light, leaning towards a yellow colour. The value of most gem-quality diamonds is founded strictly on the absence of any colour in the stone.

Cut – With an assortment of cuts to choose from, how a diamond is cut will affect the overall brightness of a stone due to its ability to reflect light through the rock.

Raw Material Testing

When it comes to testing the integrity of both gold and diamonds, there are standardized ways to do so which have been around for centuries.

Gold - Testing gold has been done the same way since before the world’s obsession with alchemy, which is the practice of (trying to) turn metal into gold. Alchemists were never successful although many people pursued the practice much akin to the great gold rush of generations past and the word now rests largely in metaphor.

In order to test gold, the practice is simple; since stamp marks made by the manufacturer can often help although they were not mandatory until the 19th century. Instead, testing gold is best done by exposing gold to acid.

Simply give the gold a little rub against slate and expose the rub-off to acid. If the little amount of gold that rubbed off disappears under the acid, you’ve got fake gold, also known as “fools gold”.

Diamonds - The science behind testing diamonds is much more recent than that of gold testing, and it can also tell a synthetic diamond from the genuine article. The testing of diamonds is facilitated by measuring the speed of which heat passes through the gem, and it is by no means a simple task. We suggest consulting a professional for this one.

Get Help

When appraising the value or authenticity of any antique diamond engagement rings in Sydney, you are still best suited to seek out an appraiser you trust.

Appraisers have a trained eye and are generally quite honest (especially when you are not buying from them directly). Testing gold or diamonds cost a nominal fee at most and it is good practice when you are considering dropping a few pay cheques on a single purchase such as antique jewellery.

Tips for Searching for the Perfect Homecoming Dress

The only thing worse than not being able to find a suitable prom dress is finding one that you can’t have. It could be for any number of reasons; money, stock, sizes... Finding the right dress takes time and above all patience. Be careful of falling into the trap of loving one dress and hating all of the others. There truly is a massive variety of evening gowns out there, so being uncompromising is never a good start. Whether you absolutely have to have a certain outfit, or genuinely can’t find one that you like, here is a guide to make the dress finding journey easier a bit easier for you.

Have an idea of what you want
Do a little research before you go out hunting; check magazines, fashion catalogues and the internet for styles that tickle your fancy. If you already have an idea of what you want, jot down some of the key features of the dress to narrow down your search. There is, after all, no point in going to the shop if you have no idea what you want to buy. Take into account your body type, skin tones and budget. These are the things which will ultimately make the dress right for you.

Give yourself space to compromise
Limiting your choices to fit an exact style will make the dress far more difficult to find, more expensive to make and ultimately raises the chance of a disappointing dress hunt. While it’s good to know what you want, sticking to a rigid plan could end up being unnecessarily stressful. While there is a huge number of dresses to choose from, the designs are not infinite; so being particular could lead to expenses or problems. Know what you want, but give yourself parameters to cross. You might find that the unexpected change you had to make looks perfect.

Be an investigator
So you know what you want, but not where to get it. Where do you start looking? Well, we do live in the 21st century and information is freely available on the internet. Start by looking at websites of different designers, try searching something like homecoming dresses 2015,’ or browse online catalogues of local suppliers and outfitters. There are plenty of them. Be careful of buying dresses over the internet; you’ll want to try them on, maybe tailor them a little bit or see what other suitable dresses the store has in stock. If the dress you want isn’t in stock, many of the designers’ websites will give you a list of outlets they supply to.

Be prepared to travel a little
Unless you live in fashion central there is always the chance that your local options are limited. Scouring the web for suppliers in your neighbourhood will likely not give you as many results as you would like. Pick a radius out on a map from where you are, and explore your options within it. You may find you need to travel out of town to get what you want, but with the kind of money you are spending on a homecoming dress, you’ll want to get it right. So putting in the extra effort should be a necessity.

Good choices take time to make
If you’re anything like me, you’ll leave the search right up to the last week and then likely panic because you can’t find what you want. Take your time and start early. If you give yourself time, you’ll also give yourself more options. If you force yourself to rush your decision, chances are that you will encounter a disaster somewhere along the way. It’s also important to remember not to jump to a decision too readily. Feel it out and see how it works. Think of the pros and cons of the dresses you’re looking at. Consider everything. Settling on the first dress you see might work for you, but you never know which one of the dresses around the corner may have been absolutely perfect for you. Although having said that, there’s no reason to spend an entire year searching for your dress. Fashions change, we all know this. If you take too much time, your options could end up being a bit outdated.

New Sunglasses- Wishlist- Help Me Choose!

I recently just had an eye-test and confirmed that my eyes have gotten worse for wear again. However the optometrist told me I don’t need to update my regular glasses only my sunglasses as the prescription is a few years old now.

So I have been searching online for some sunnies as I find purchasing them online so much cheaper. I usually buy Ray Ban sunglasses however I am of course open to other brands.

I came across the website iFrames, an Australian website which means I can get the sunglasses even quicker- a bonus!

I decided to check out the Prada and Oakley frames for something a bit different. Here are some of my favourites.

1. Oakley Frogskins -These are so cute- perfect for summer!
2. Prada Handbag - Just gorgeous and so posh looking!

3. Prada PR07PS - These are my favourite- can't go past multicolor!

Which one should I pick?


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