Rainy day = Make room for more clothes

So it rained all day today it was nice as I didn't have to go anywhere.
Got busy taking photos and adding some more items to my Etsy shop (many of the items I found during my op shopping expedition on Wednesday)

Usually in this sort of weather I like to clean and considering it is almost the New Year I figured it was time for yet another closet clean out. As it is I already lugged 3 bags of books, shoes and clothes into the happily awaiting arms of the Salvos Store yesterday during another small op shopping trip.

My cat Bella also got into the fun of it, climbing into my sleep wear draw. Ah the life of a cat...

I pondered slowly through my bursting wardrobe and managed to find a few items I am happy to part with. Sadly enough usually these items have only been worn twice.
Here are some pics of my crazy wardrobe!

The day ended pretty nicely with a cup of tea and the purchase of some artificial pretty flowers on eBay. I also bought a lovely cream skirt on Etsy yesterday- can't wait till I receive it!

Some awesome finds

I am totally loving this outfit worn by The Vintage Valley

I also love this amazing outfit worn by Rhiannon from Liebemarlene Vintage

Summer outfit wishes

My first blog post how exciting

Hi everyone
this is my very first blog post so it is pretty exciting.
I am finally finished work for the next 3 weeks so will be very busy setting up my web shop, etsy and ebay shops as well as going thrift shopping.
Speaking of which tomorrow I will be doing an all day trip around the Redcliffe Peninsula to op-shop there. They have about 10-15 thrift stores just in the one area so it should bring some amazing finds.
Until then ladies I will have to love you and leave you.
Will post images tomorrow of all the wonderful items I managed to thrift!



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