Dark and Miserable Day filled with Noisy 10 yr olds

Today I had to help out with my little brothers birthday party. I have forgotten how noisy 10 year old boys can be it was crazy.
Managed to get away eventually and was welcomed with dark skies and showers. Tomorrow will not be much better.

Want to go outdoors to take some cool pics (not that I can take photos) but will need to wait until the weather is better.
Also most of my clothes are really not suited to the hot weather we get here is Brisbane perhaps I need to hurry up and move somewhere cold?

I just love black and white images. Am going to do some sepia ones next time they look so old fashioned!
Outfit Details:
Dress- Vintage (Available in my Etsy shop!)
120D Purple tights- Myer
Crystal necklace worn as bracelet (gift from my brother)
Booties- Seychelles Spectacle Boots

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