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Blogger of the Month- Rebecca, The Clothes Horse

I was recently able to interview my favourite blogger Rebecca from the Clothes Horse.
She has such amazing style and always incorporates feminine touches to every outfit.
I am in love with pretty much her entire wardrobe it is feminine and sweet but also incredibly stylish.
Here are some of the questions I was lucky enough to ask her:

1) You have such a unique style- what inspires your creativity with clothes?

I'm inspired by all sorts of things from other bloggers to editorials and vintage films. 
I try to express my artistic passions through my wardrobe, so when I'm wearing a flower wreath in my hair isn't just because I like the wreath itself but because it reminds me of the Pre-Raphaelites and their admiration for nature and beauty. 
I look at many pieces of my wardrobe in that way; a certain dress reminds me of a favorite artist or a trench coat has the potential to remind me of Audrey Hepburn playing at being a thief in How To Steal A Million.

2) Who is your favourite designer and why?
My favorite designer for many years has been Christian Lacroix. His was the first runway collection I ever saw (on TV) and just felt moved by; it sparked my interest in the fashion industry. He has just a very creative, colorful vision and blends inspirations so beautifully.

3) How do you manage your time so well (work/study/blog)? 
Oh, I'm not a very good time manager myself! 
I have less on my plate at the moment, but when I was in college it really was a struggle. For me, I sort of made blogging my priority and didn't really attempt to have a social life. 
One thing I also do is creating posts in advance and saving them as drafts. On days when I have more time I can generate a lot of inspiration posts and then save them for days that I will have less time to blog.

4) You have an amazing wardrobe. Have you thought about opening an Etsy shop?
Thank you! I have considered it in the past, but I don't know that I find enough (vintage) pieces consistently to maintain a shop. I do occasionally open a "shop my closet" where I sell pieces I don't wear enough to anyone interested in them. Maybe down the line I'll have a vintage shop, because I certainly love vintage hunting and often find pieces that aren't my size.

5) Remixing is something many of us girls struggle with. Can you offer some advice about remixing outfits?
For me it starts by remixing one specific piece; i.e. how to wear a plaid shirtdress in a different way. From there I look at the dress and think about what colors will go with it that I haven't tried before and what I can do to alter the shape of the dress by layering things over top or underneath it. So, I think people who are remixing should think about color, shape, and accessories.

6) What is your favourite outfit you have ever worn and why did you love it so much.

Most of my favorite outfits tend to be the most recent ones. My outfits express how I feel in a moment, so what I'm wearing most recently best fits my mood. So, right now I'm really happy about the chambray dress I wore recently with a floral wreath in my hair; blue is also my favorite color!

Thanks Rebecca!


  1. Great interview, Rebecca is such a great blogger.

  2. the first outfit is awsome and I love your layout :)

  3. following you now with google, please follow back if you like my blog, too :)

    xx viviane


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