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Feeling like a maxi

This amazing maxi dress was found during one of my thrifting adventures. I can’t actually remember which thrift store I got this from but I do know it was like a $4 bargain.
I don’t know exactly what era this dress is from but I am guessing 90s as I remember my mum wearing theses types of dresses when I was about 7 or 8 years old.
One of the funniest moments of my mums “maxi dress” phase was when we were all out at the shops in Townsville where I used to live and mum kept on running into this lady who was wearing the same dress as her! Mum tends to get embarrassed when people are wearing the same things as her (it happened again recently!).
Not that I blame her. One of the reasons I prefer to shop vintage or from US or UK retailers is so I (hopefully) won’t run into someone wearing the same dress/top as me. After all it’s good to be unique!
The one time it did happen to me was at a club. A girl wearing the same top as me came up to me (to my horror) and said “awesome top”. So I suppose it wasn’t so bad after all Smile
gold vintage belt alexa satchel bag maxi dress
The Details
boho bohemian gold bangles 70sseychelles bootiesdot4dot5dot6
Outfit Details:
Vintage 90s maxi dress- Thrifted
Vintage gold snakeskin belt via Etsy
Leather Cobb & Co Satchel Bag- Thrifted
Seychelles Spectacle Booties


  1. Now, I'm feeling very old. I looked at the picture before reading the post, and I thought "Oh, I used to have TONS of those dresses, and I haven't seen one in ages." Long, comfortable skirts are hard to find.

    And then I read that your Mom was wearing them when you were 7 or 8. LOL

    However ... the belt didn't come with the dress, did it? I remember always wearing them without belts.

  2. haha I feel old sometimes too but that's because I've always felt older than I am!
    The belt didn't come with it I got this lovely belt from etsy- actually wearing it again today it is my fave
    XX Ilana

  3. Hi Ilana! Nope not yet. I'll check again later today :)

    LOVE, love, love your bag!!


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