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I wrote this poem many years ago for a friend's friend who died in a tragic car accident when she was just 17.
It was given to the parents of the girl who died at the funeral and they loved it. I believe it was originally posted to a website they made about the dangers of drink driving but I no longer have the link or know if the link exists any more.
Hope you like it- this is probably one of my favourite poems I have written. Although I am not a religious person per se I believe the girls parents were.

For Jess:
Like and Angel you were
a guardian of light
source from Almighty Heaven
it will never again be right

A life so young and tender
just about to start
taken away so suddenly
breaking everyone's heart

And when the leaves in the wind blow
I know you're forever near
and when it rains and thunders
your voice is all I hear

And when my tears are falling
I know that you'll be there
like a fire in the cold
your warmth so very rare

So where are you now my Angel
to Heaven we'll always pray
but what keeps us going is that
we'll see you again someday

Hope you like- feel free to use this poem but link back lovely ladies

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