Reasons for hating Thursdays


Even after all of these years I still loathe Thursdays with a passion.
I think it began a few years ago when I worked at Gloria Jeans Coffees. Our fortnightly stock order always came on Thursdays which meant a lot of unpacking, visits to the dark, dreary storeroom and  a lot of heavy lifting.
On top of all that  the order was always late and showed up around lunchtime during our busy period. Although I don’t work there anymore I really believe this hatred for Thursdays has followed me and will continue to haunt me.

I got this amazingly beautiful midi skirt from House of Maryanne Vintage (see my sponsors list!), a cute little shop on Facebook. It is perfect and so very versatile. I am planning on wearing this next with a chambray shirt and sky high wedge sandals (currently on order!)
I am really enjoying all of the amazing vintage clothing shops popping up on Facebook at the moment. Although I prefer to sell through more conventional avenues such as eBay and Etsy it seems like some people are doing incredibly well on Facebook.

I am also on the hunt at the moment for the perfect chambray dress (prefer a-line), a floppy hat (sold out at Dotti in the first week!) and some black and white spectator flats. Sigh...


Outfit Details:
Pleated Vintage Midi Skirt via House of Maryanne
Cropped Vintage Sweater - thrifted
Necklace- handmade via Dean from work
Bass Washington loafers via Amazon

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