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Shop Feature: Mockingbird Fair

I recently interviewed Cherie, the lovely owner of Mockingbird Fair, an Australian vintage clothing shop.

Cherie’s passion for vintage began when she was just 16 years old and has now grown into a popular eBay business. Cherie’s very own web shop will be opening later this week!

Check out my interview with Cherie below!

How long have you been selling vintage fashion for?

I started selling vintage at the markets when I was about 16 ( over 15 years ago) .I grew up in a family that loved antiques and collectables and so I grew up  going to markets, garage sales, op-shops  and antique shops. My sisters lived in Sydney   and we would go on holidays there from QLD and op shop along the way and on the way back. Also when I was young my sisters woIMG_1485uld often bring me vintage and antique dresses they found at markets etc. So when I was a teenager I really started to get an interest in it because I had a knack in finding it and I liked wearing it. I started to amass a large collection and then one day when I was about 16 my mother said she was going to have a stall at the market to sell some of her things she no longer wanted so I thought I would take some of my clothes along because I had so much of it. It sold like hot cakes and I have to admit I was amazed because previously I don't think any of my friends really understood my fascination with it and I didn't really know anyone else who liked vintage but then it turned out there were other people like me too!  Over the years I have worked for other people and buying and selling vintage has been a part time hobby until we decided to go full steam ahead with Mockingbird Fair in 2009 and to give it all we have.




Why vintage fashion?

I love vintage because it is often so much more expressive than most modern clothing. I find vintage a wonderful way to express myself, there is a bit of rebellion about wearing vintage that not everyone 'gets' and it is like it gives you permission to be a bit more creative in what you are wearing. That and of course the fact that you are almost guaranteed to not bump into anyone else wearing the same thing too.



How do find the amazing pieces in your shop?

I search anywhere and everywhere. I look often and I look thoroughly and probably spend at least 25 hours a week just looking for stock. Keep an open mind is my tip!



Where do you see yourself/ the store in 5 years time?

I'm excited about where we will be in 5 years time and we have some exciting things planned for Mockingbird Fair.  But to be honest I am going to keep what our plans are close to my chest because I think a little mystery is a good thing.



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