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What I Want

Dresses summer dress
$88 - shopruche.com

Cap sleeve dress
$70 - modcloth.com

Lace socks
20 AUD - dotti.com.au

Studded high heels
$58 - modcloth.com

Wedge sandal
$80 - modcloth.com

Tote bag
$90 - modcloth.com

TopShop flower earring
$12 - topshop.com

Floral hat
$23 - shopruche.com

Floppy hat
30 AUD - dotti.com.au

Crystalline Sky Dress
$180 - modcloth.com


  1. Love the use of flowers. I love that floppy hat and the earrings. Great choices!

    All the best. Angel


  2. I love this set, so dreamy, the hats are lovely :)

  3. thanks ladies if only I had the money for all of this ... sigh :(

    I have really wanted the crystalline sky dress on Modcloth ever since I interviewed Rebecca from the Clothes Horse and saw her wearing this. Such a stunning dress - very Summer Finn too!


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