Designer Spotlight - Interview with Katie-Louise Ford

I recently interviewed the lovely Katie Louise who designs stunning vintage dresses and sells them at her Etsy shop.
I always admire people who can sew as I am pretty hopeless at it. Hope you enjoy her story and don't forget to check out her lovely shop!

1) What inspires your designs?

I draw inspiration from everyday life, nature, old films and photographs, children's books and illustrations.

2) How long have you been making your beautiful clothes

I've been sewing since I was a little girl. I began hand sewing dolls clothing which progressed into making my own clothes from a young age. I started selling my dresses and blouses at the beginning of 2010. A lot of my dresses are made from vintage and remnant fabrics, I also use vintage trims whenever I can. I have a fabric page on my blog ( where you can choose from a range of vintage fabrics and dress styles, I love making custom dresses, each one has her very own personality that shines through!

3) How long does it generally take to create a dress

I can make up to two dresses a day, however it takes quite a few cups of tea and pod casts. I find sewing really relaxing so it never really feels like I'm working.

4) Do you watch Mad Men? there is a dress in your store so close to what Peggy wears- I love it!

I love Madmen! Strangely enough I didn't catch onto the whole craze until late last year and was shocked at how similar some of the dresses were to my own. Peggy and Joan are definitely big inspirations for my designs. I'm currently working on a Red lace wiggle dress which i'm terribly excited about, it has Joan written all over it!

5) If you could wear vintage every day would you?

All of my clothing is either vintage, handmade or hand me downs from my Great Aunty and Grandma. I've been wearing vintage clothing since 2006, the styles are cuts are so flattering and thats exactly what I aim to achieve in my designs.

6) Anything else you want to mention about yourself or your clothes?

I would love to thank everybody who supports handmade! I have been given so much support and feel very lucky to be doing what I love! Its beautiful to see the whole handmade aesthetic being appreciated once again.

You can see more of my dresses and everyday life on my blog: or visit my Etsy store here

A range of my dresses are now available in Adelaide at Two-Bit Villians. I will also be doing a range for the pop-up store Audrey Grace (  which will be opening in Jackson in November.


  1. This is such a wonderful interview, thanks for posting it! I don't wear too many vintage clothes, but after this post, I think I could get into it!

  2. I love vintage clothes! Im miss living in a bigger city where there were tons of vintage stores, great blog! Following you from the making new friends blog hop, have a great weekend! You can find me at

  3. Thanks for sharing this, I love vintage clothing :-)

  4. Awesome interview! And I can't believe she can make 2 dresses a day - what!! :)

    Sadie x

  5. You have an amazing page! Inspires me to do more! Thanks!

  6. Great interview. I love your questions they are so thoughtful and entertaining! Great read :)


  7. @unmomentdemode

    thanks so much for your comment it means a lot to me as an aspiring journalist!

    XX Ilana


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