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Guest Post: Spunky Chateau

This week, Ilana asked me to do a guest post. First of all, I’m really thrilled and honored that she would ask me. As I’m sure you know if you’re reading this, she has a great blog and loves vintage and thrifting. Since she knows I love thrifting too, she wanted me to discuss that a little here.

I’ve been thrifting since I was a little kid. Through all the various phases I’ve gone through, thrift stores have helped me dress the way I wanted to dress and save a lot of money. Since starting my blog, Spunky Chateau, I've used it as a way to encourage people to try thrifting and talk about my finds. I've always thought thrifting was good for everyone-you're saving money, recycling and in lots of cases supporting a local charity. So in an effort to further that idea, I recently started a 'Thursdays are for Thrifters' link party where people can link to their thrifted finds and outfits. I've received several comments that people have looked back over a feature I wrote a feature for my blog several months ago, 15 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping, to get some ideas on how to start thrifting.

So, for today's post I want to ellaborate a little on one of my tips: having an open mind. I've heard people argue that you can shop for one specific item at a thrift store, but I've always found looking specifically for one item to be a tall order. Instead, I go in with an open mind and a strong idea of my personal style. If you don't consider your own style and what will work well with what's already in your closet, you're likely to buy anything just because it's inexpensive. Having lots of clothes you won't wear doesn't help you. Instead, scan aisles for items that jump out at you, that you know you can wear with accessories you already own and be open to the possibilities that exist within those confines. You don't want to buy things you know you won't wear, but thrifting is your opportunity to experiment with clothes. Try a look you've always wanted to. You can afford it when you're thrifting.

With the idea that thrifting allows you to experiment with looks but that you should aim to buy things that fit within the spectrum of your specific style and that can be paired with things you already own, here's what I found this week:
Vintage Hat: $5.
Bag: $3.

Vintage Handmade Dress: $5.
Dress: $4.

Blouse: $6.

Vintage Leather Bag: $4.

Dress: $4. (Ignore the cat toys on the floor, sorry.)

Vintage Dress: $4.
I feel like these are all items I can work seamlessly into my closet and wear with things I already own, and that to me, makes it a successful trip.
Interested in learning more about thrifting or sharing your finds or outfits in my 'Thursdays are for Thrifters' Link Party? Visit my blog, Spunky Chateau to find out more.

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  1. Great guest post - I already love both yours and Ilana's blogs!
    All this thrifting talk is giving me thrifting anxiety!! I need to go!!

    Sadie xx


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