In the Garden Growing Tomatoes

This is actually the outfit I wore to work on Friday. As I said on my Chictopia blog this little vintage dress which I bought from Etsy has become my new “go to” dress.
Some of my latest purchase are now becoming major “go to” pieces. My gold Seychelles booties are another go to.
I really think “go to” pieces help to brighten your day. No matter if you are feeling down, sick or God forbid fat, these little numbers we turn to always make it so much better.
Well Thursday was a horror of a day so I wanted my Friday to be great and it was. I got to leave work by 2.15 which was really awesome so I got home a little earlier hence why I managed to get these photos.
I also wanted to photograph my tomato plants there is one pot which I bough the seedlings and the other pot I have grown the tomatoes from scratch. They are both about 1.5 metres tall now I have to wrap them around these wooden sticks to keep them upright.
And yes gardening is my secret passion…oh well not so secret now.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend Smile
Outfit Details:
Vintage floral dress (remixed) via Etsy
Black cotton tights
Straw boater hat via Myer


  1. Love those cool shoes! Great post, stop by some time! xoxo, VLM.

  2. Cute photos. I love tomatoes and have 1 plant this year myself. Good luck.

  3. Love the photos, and the plants. I love gardening myself and have a few plants on the balcony now.

    Thx for commenting on my post btw


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