Just a little cardigan


I have to say that when I saw this lovely cardigan on eBay I was so excited. It is my first piece from H&M seeing as they don’t ship to Australia. I have a US post box but am seriously considering having one in the UK. It would also be great to have a “pen-pal” or something like that in Sweden so that I could get someone to ship things to me from Monki. If you have never heard of Monki check out the website here.

They have the most cutest vintage inspired pieces and everything is really cheap but they don’t have an online shop website and you can only get things from Sweden.

I supposes its ok I would probably spend too much money there anyway Sad smile

anyway a rare photo now due it being way too dark when I get home. Tried to take some photos before for this amazing giveaway I will be having soon but all turned out too dark and hence too grainy.

Oh well…wish it was Friday already. It’s only Tuesday and I am already drained…

Till tomorrow lovelies Smile


Outfit details:

Kmart Dress

Burgundy tights via eBay

H&M cardigan via eBay

Bass Washington loafers via Amazon


  1. I love the colour of those tights!!

    Monique xx


  2. I love the sweater! Oh, and the tights too!


  3. That sweater is adorable. I'd want to set up a post office box to get things like that too!

  4. Cute sweater and I love the buttons you used.

  5. There is word that a Sydney H&M store will be opening in the next 6-12 months :)


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