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Lucid New York Giveaway: Silver Anchor Necklace!


I am delighted to announce my very first sponsor giveaway from Lucid New York.
The giveaway is for this lovely silver anchor necklace – the perfect accessory for that vintage nautical outfit!

Lucid New York stocks stunning handmade jewelry for anyone who deserves to be special!
All designs are handmade by Anna Sabino with her customers in mind. She knows they love everything trendy but classic, they value comfort and style. She gets inspired by people downtown New York where she lives - by clothes, the way they move.

****To enter this amazing giveaway please do the following:

* Be a fan out Lucid New York Jewelry on Facebook
* Follow Anna’s lovely fashion blog This is a Yes on Bloglovin or Google Friend Connect (She loves comments too!!)
*Follow my blog and leave a comment below this post stating why you deserve to feel special!

Outfit Details:
Leather tan bag via Fossil
Vintage print dress via Valleygirl
Green tights via eBay
Bass Washington loafers
Anchor necklace c/o Lucid New York


  1. I deserve to feel special because,In my point of view,I never felt special to a person or to anyone at all.I'm yearning that somehow,someone or something will make me feel as if I'm the only person in this world :)

    Follow you via GFC and also Anna's Blog :)
    Liked the Lucid New York Page in FB

  2. Thanks for making a page on Wikifashion. I've made a blog page for you here-
    We also have blog badges, if you'd like one-

    Let me know if you need anymore help with editing :)


  3. Cute dress!!!
    Lovely necklace!

  4. hey stopping by from the "friend finding friday" blog hop doing a little self promotion cuz we're cool like that :). Be sure to come check us out! WE FOLLOW BACK! have a great weekend!

  5. newest follower - don't we all deserve to feel special? =)

  6. i know i am special, i know it. but when people say "hey, abby. whered you get that neclace?" i'll say, "i won it on a giveaway, because i am special. i was very lucky for once in my life." they'd be inspired. it would be lovely. <3
    GFC: abbyriggs

  7. followed on facebook and google :).

    i deserve to feel special because i am graduating from high school in 9 days, and its something i have been and still am working my butt off to do well in school and be successful in college which is aproaching quickly, and also i really like this necklace! :)

  8. Beautiful necklace! This would be perfect for the nautical look. :)

    I deserve to feel special because I've been extremely busy trying to get my own Etsy shop up and running! It's tough!

    Best of luck with your shop dear!

  9. I deserve to be special because I am special :D
    Plus I never really won anything, so it'd be nice for once in my life.
    Did all of the above (blogger's follow doesn't work too well, window isn't showing up though)

  10. Just did all of the the above :) Everybody deserves to feel special as everyone is in their own unique way. There fore I deserve to feel special because I embrace who I am and follow my dreams...and I dream of owning a silver, anchor necklace ;)

  11. Hi dear! Love ur blog and im following u on Pinterest, bloglovin, fb and GFC! I hope u will follow my networks as well :) kisses


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