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Dawn blushed; betrayed her waking sky

Dawn blushed; betrayed her waking sky To gently break another morrow fine.
Night waned – the black receding – highland Reaching for the early morning wine.
The chorus rendered frantic caws and Chirps and other avian song,
Mapping out the 'mine and yours, ' and Goading more to sing along!

Quiescent water – deep of lake – Reflected out the hazy red, but
Through the glass, a flick, a break: An urgent tail from hidden bed!
And in the meadow, waking faces Calmly spread a coloured veil;
The dew disclosing spider laces – Oft with once a fly’s travail!

Dawn blushed; revealed her inner peace;  She handed on another blissful day.
Night ebbed, relenting to release of Warming blood that gives to her display.
By: Mark R Slaughter
I just love poetry and will definitely be sharing more. I used to write poetry all the time so I will put some of my own work up soon.
Hope everyone had a great weekend. I am not really looking forward to this insanely busy week at work but it helps knowing I go part time in just 2 weeks!!
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