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Fashion Inspiration: June 2011

Here are the lovely ladies who have inspired me over the last month. I love reading other people’s blogs and hearing about what goes on in other people’s lives. Some people have the most amazing wardrobes makes me just that little bit jealous…
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I appreciate all of my readers support and will shortly be running a Top Followers Friday where I will feature some of my favourite followers and their blogs! Hope everyone is having a lovely week can’t wait for the weekend!
  1. Keiko Lynn
  2. Calivintage
  3. My Chictopia Favorites
  4. Flashes of Style
  5. Flashes of Style
  6. My Chictopia Favorites
  7. Karla’s Closet
  8. Sally Jane Vintage
  9. Fancy Treehouse
  10. Liebemarlene

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