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Markets, Polka Dots and a Thrifted Find

On Saturday my other and I went to the markets at Lawnton. It was great. I only brought $10 with me and got a lovely vintage sundress, poncho, skirt and top (twinset). We had a really nice time and will be going back there again soon (not this weekend I have $0 till Wednesday!)

There are some pictures below that my mum took. She also did a post on her blog about the markets.

After the markets we went to the Endeavour op shop and I found this amazing burgundy maxi skirt. It still had its tags on so was never worn. I am in love with maxi skirts so was happy to find such a lovely bargain!

I also got some crazy wide-leg pants but will need to get them altered as they are a bit big on me.

I really like the photo below the sunlight coming through gives it that nice ethereal kind of feel.

Am getting sick again—uughh. I apparently have an outer ear inflammation – so much pain it is giving me a major headache. Hope everyone else has had a good week.



Outfit Details:

Polka dot blouse- Modcloth

Bow headband- Target

Vintage thrifted belt

Vintage thrifted maxi skirt

Black tights

Black thrifted heels

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  1. i love thift shopping. following you, please follow back. :D



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