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A perfection of means and a confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem

Hi everyone hope you had a lovely weekend. For those in Australia hope you had a great long weekend. I had a fairly boring weekend the kind where you just lounge around in pyjamas, watch DVD’s and sit on eBay till all hours bidding on various items of interest.
Well it was actually my brothers birthday today so he stayed over at my house last night with his girlfriend which was nice. My house is so quiet now had all of the family here last night watching True Blood season 3 it was crazy.
I made a cake (which he didn’t eat cause he doesn’t like cake) so I guess I will just have to eat it Sad smile
So much for eating better huh. At least it was a bit warmer today I am always so much more hungry in the colder weather.
I am also starting an online shop soon with my mum which will sell vintage, new and handmade good. I was thinking about calling it “Rebellious Innocence” what do you think?
XX Ilana

Outfit Details:
Straw boater hat from Myer
Sportsgirl coral crop top (thrifted)
Vintage polka dot maxi skirt(thrifted)
straw bag (thrifted)
Wedges from ShopRuche

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