Polka Dots

Hi everyone. I cannot believe I am almost at 200 followers! It is amazing that people actually read and like my blog. I appreciate all of my readers and Facebook fans you are all great and definitely help make my day!
It has been approximately 6 months since I started my blog so I will doing a reflection post tomorrow to talk about how the last 6 months has treated me and how much everything has changed.
Well this is what I wore to work today. The dress is a bit short I wore it as a top previously with a maxi skirt. I think it was ok with the flats but worn with heels might of been a bit much.
Well I am happy hump-day (Wednesday) is finally over. It’s all downhill from now till the weekend!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!
Outfit Details:
Polka dot mini dress from Valleygirl
White lace top (worn under dress) from ShopRuche
Black tights and flats
Tan trench coat from Kmart
Revlon red lipstick

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