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The Rules of Seven Meme

 Hi everyone

I thought I would create a link-up meme. All you need to do is answer these questions in your next blog post and put the post link down the bottom of my post.
Please make sure you remember to link back to my post on your blog.
Have fun!!

Seven Things that Scare Me:

* Red back Spiders
* Not being in control
* Water (I can’t swim!)
* Crazy psycho people
* knives (too much Criminal Minds I know!)
* Running out of money
* something happening to my family

Seven Things I like:

* shopping (especially online!)
* Cheesecake
* the colour green
* my cat and dog
* spending time with my family
* my blog!
* finding exactly what I want at the op-shop

Seven Random Facts about Me:

* I’ve been in a bus crash
* I have lived in over 20 different houses in my lifetime
* I seem to understand difficult things better than easier things
* I have been writing since I was 6 and have written a young adult novel (not published)
* I have been reading since I was 3
* I like animals better than people
*I have never left Queensland!

Seven Things I want to Do Before I Die:

* Travel to the UK and America
* Work in my dream job (New York Times here I come!)
* Have a successful vintage business (online)
* Own a farm that takes on unwanted and injured animals to be adopted
* Become really good at photography

* Learn to speak another language fluently
* Retire to the English countryside

Seven Things I Can Do Well:

* Write
* Edit people’s work
* talk about things I am passionate about
* work out how to use computer systems and databases
* craft and design
* Cook
* Complain

Seven Things I Can't Do But Wish I Could:

* Fly
* Buy a BMW
* Bring about world peace
* save the rainforests
* become immortal
* make my family and pets immortal
* have super powers (invisibility would be great)

Seven Things I hate:

* waiting in queues
* door-to-door sales people
* rude people
* people who can't drive

* people who have no pride in themselves
* thunder and loud noises
* messiness and laziness

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