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A visit to the Cemetery: Part One

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My mum and I decided on Sunday to head to the cemetery up at Lawnton. It is a fairly old cemetery but still used today. Some of the most founders of my local area are buried there and there is also some war graves (I got a pic of one!)c9
Strange I know but I just love the feel of cemetery’s they are so peaceful and this one is particularly beautiful because of all of the beautiful trees surrounding it.
After an epic week last week I definitely felt the need for some relaxation and tranquillity! And so far this week has been just as busy and crazy.
Hope everyone has enjoyed my two guest bloggers and my interview with the the lovely Maria from Lulu Letty!
My best friend left to move to South Australia this week so pretty devastated. Went on a major shopping spree with her on Tuesday and the photos will be up on the weekend. We had a crazy day at Paddington which houses many retro and vintage shops.
I was a little disappointed it was the day before pay day so no money! Oh well maybe next time!
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My mums outfit:
Paisley print top from Big W
Red cord skirt- thrifted
White sandals from Kmart
Black back- from me!
Sunglasses – gift from me!
My outfit details:
70s style flare pants from Valleygirl
Black Target top
Black Oroton Bag
Therapy Sandals

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