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Tree of Life

On Friday my mum and I went to Geebung to do some op-shopping but didn’t find much. I found a denim blazer/jacket which was quite nice I will try to wear it in the next few weeks before it starts getting to unbearably hot to wear any layers.
I also went to Chermside shops without any money lol which is crazy (if you know Chermside shops you know what I mean! I could shop there for hours and not get bored!)
I came away with these lovely new shorts from Tree of Life. They sell a lot of bohemian/indian style clothing and most of the fabrics there are cotton and rayon which are two of my fave fabrics to wear.
These shorts are rayon and I will be wearing them with tights all throughout the year they are pretty versatile.
What did everyone get up to this weekend? I didn’t do much (no money) but re-arranged my house it looks heaps bigger now and I am really happy with how it turned out.
I was going to change my header but the new one was a bit fussy so I have left it how it is for now. That’s what happens when I am bored I have to get creative!
gr3             gr4          gr6gr5
Outfit Details:
Mixed media cardigan from Valleygirl
Tights from eBay
Printed high waist shorts from Tree of Life
Vintage leather flats- thrifted
Necklace- Diva

What I Want : The Maxi Skirt

I am constantly thinking about the up coming warmer months and what better to wear than a gorgeous maxi? I am loving the bright colours and printed maxis the best they are sure to bring many compliments!

These ones are my favourites so far I am especially loving floral prints and will probably have to get myself one of these babies one I pay all of my bills next month! Have horrible car-rego to pay in late August so I am pretty sure that my shopping days are over at least until September.

Happy maxi shopping
What I Want: The Maxi


Why We Love NancyBird

bag1       bag2
I just wanted to share with you one of my favourite Australian designers NancyBird
The accessories and bags are simply beautiful with a vintage inspired feel to each and everyone of them. Due to the items being featured in one of my favourite shows “Offspring” most of the items are now sold out but the website says they will have more new items in stock after August 20 phew….
“A label inspired by contrasts, materials and ideas… Proudly designed and hand printed in Melbourne.
Nancybird is a Melbourne based accessories label, focussing on quality materials and playful, thoughtful design. Much of the range has been hand printed by local Melbourne makers. All leathers are custom made in Italy in gorgeous seasonal colours. The collection has a distinctively Australian feel, using raw, earthy materials with influences from Africa, Japan and Central Europe.”
Which one is your favourite? I am totally loving this cute red bike bag below I wish it wasn’t sold out!

nb1     nb3 copy   nb4nb5      nb6

Tan-Flax-Bag-330x495         Red-Nolan-Bag-330x495
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It’s All About the Accessories

Some outfits are about the accessories and with this outfit I have tried to pull of a funky dress with vintage style tan Fossil bag and my new leather trim coin style boho necklace. I think it goes together pretty well what do you think?
I bought a film camera the other day and cannot wait to start using it. I have never used a proper film camera before so it will be exciting and new. I am so used to digital and being able to delete photos I don’t like but film cameras get and keep everything even the crappy photos you want no-one to see!
Has anyone else used film cameras for their blogs or in general. What do you like about them the best?
Hope everyone is having an amazing week!

Outfit Details:
Vintage plaid shift dress from eBay
Leather tan Fossil bag
Black Flats from Spendless Shoes
Leather necklace from Equip

Interview with Jac in a Box Vintage

Jac in a Box main NIghtie

1) How long have you been selling vintage fashion for?

Not very long at all actually, my little store is not even a year old yet! By trade I am a graphic/web designer, I started the vintage store to provide myself with a pleasant distraction from my usual day-to-day work. So far it's been a lovely surprise how smoothly and quickly the business is growing.Jac in a Box 2


2) Why vintage?

I'm drawn to vintage items, clothing and otherwise. You'd be pretty hard pressed to find one piece of furniture in my house that isn't pre-loved! There's a certain level of craftsmanship in vintage items that is difficult to find in things made nowadays.

I also find women's vintage fashion significantly more flattering and elegant than your average 'on-trend' clothing.Jac in a Box 3

3) How do find the amazing pieces in your shop?

With great patience and determination! I purchase most items from thrift stores, markets and online. I find that country or outer suburban thrift stores tend to have the best hidden gems.

I've looked into wholesalers and buyers to help with my workload, but the idea of bulk buying doesn't really appeal to me. I much prefer to hand select each item.


4) What is your favourite vintage piece you have found (and would never part with!)

This dress! (to the right) I purchased it for the store, but just can't give it up. I've not worn it outside of the house, and I'm not sure if I ever will, it just sits in the back of my wardrobe in all its glory.

There's also quite a few items that I have given up, that I really did not want to. In particular, this one (, this one ( and this one (


5) When will your web store be open?

I'm aiming for the online store to be fully functional by the end of September. For the moment, everything is available to purchase through Facebook with payments processed through PayPal or bank deposit.

Although, even when the online store is up and running, there will still be a very large focus on the Facebook page. I really enjoy being able to interact with customers and take in their feedback, so I'll still be posting all items on the Facebook page and running competitions through it as well.


6) Anything else you would like to tell my readers?

We have a small competition going on at the moment, with three Jac in a Box Vintage vouchers up for grabs. Visit the Facebook page to find out more.


Jac in a Box 1                  Red dress      Teardrop dressCat-bag

check out Jac’s Facebook page here!


When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.


Hi Everyone how was your weekend? Everyone must be crazy busy this time of year I know I am!

I just wanted to showcase some of my latest work. I am really getting into design and photography more than I ever thought I would and I am loving it just as much if not more than I love writing and journalism.

It’s crazy that I wasted so many years and so much money studying law just because I believed it was what I was supposed to do. It’s true how the saying goes that once you get something you’ve wanted your entire life that sometimes you realise that you never wanted it to begin with. That’s exactly how I feel with law now.

All artwork is available for sale at my Etsy Shop. I have marked all of my work with my design name Phoebella Designs which is the names of my dog and cat joined together.

Let me know what you think!




Thrifty times call for Thrifty Measures

Being an official poor student has led me to think and spend in more thrifty ways. It is difficult but is going well so far.

This yellow dress is the one I bought at Redcliffe whilst visiting my favourite “Dust Bowl” thrift shop. For just $1.50 I was pretty happy with this purchase. I am considering shortening this a bit but I am liking the midi style right now so I might just leave it at this length for now.

My brother and his girlfriend stayed last night it was good to see him again. We went to the Dakabin Trash and Treasure Market and it was horrible! Definitely a lot of trash and hardly any treasures. I think I will stick to thrift stores for sure!

I also made this bag from vintage style fabric. It is really cool because it has a story printed on it gives it a really funky look. I also attached rope handles and will be adding yo-yos all over it in the same fabric with different coloured buttons.

What did everyone else do this weekend? I am all set for another 3 days at work have sadly kind of missed it.

yel5yel7        yel4yel6yel8
Outfit Details:
Golden Yellow vintage dress- thrifted
Nude Platform Wedges from Shopruche
Tan vintage belt- thrifted
Vintage Style tote bag (Made by ME!)