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Blogger of the Month: Sarah of The Stylish Heart

13.03.11 100
I was thrilled to be able to interview the lovely Sarah behind the cute blog “The Stylish Heart”. Definitely one of my favourite English bloggers, Sarah’s style is romantic, slightly quirky and very “English”.
Hope you enjoy the interview!

1) Why did you decide to become a blogger and create The Stylish Heart?
Well, basically I'd been following other amazing bloggers for probably about a year, and I finally decided to go for it and start my own. It was a big leap of faith and I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep up with it, but it's been really easy and now I wouldn't be without my blog!

2) How would you describe your style?
I always find it hard answering this question. It's girly without being too girly, quite english, and always comfortable. I always like to be comfortable and happy in what I'm wearing. I also try not to take fashion too seriously and just have fun with my style, and part of that is not categorising your style too much.

15.05.11 042
3) Who/What influences your sartorial style?
Like almost every blogger/girl on the planet, Alexa Chung is such a huge inspiration. Other than that, I'd have to say other bloggers, as when I see someone else wear something which is amazing but maybe a bit tricky to pull off, it gives me the confidence to wear something similar.

4) Do you have a favourite blogger? If so who is it and why?
That's so tough. I follow so many amazing bloggers, but my favourites are probably
calivintage, flashes of style, fancy treehouse, gary pepper vintage and trini.

5) What are you favourite places to shop for your wardrobe?
Of course my main favourite is Topshop, but I also do a lot of my shopping online, at ASOS, Urban Outfitters and I LOVE Ebay! I have awful luck with charity shops as I can never find anything wearable (I secretly think this makes me an awful blogger!).

27.02.11 204
6) Where do you expect to be in the next 12 months?
Well, as my career is not in fashion, I would imagine I'll still be in my non-fashiony full-time job. I will definitely still be blogging in my spare time, though!

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