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A Floral Blazer and Etsy Shop Updates


So the weekend is over again. It always goes sooo fast and yet the week always goes sooo slow. So frustrating!

Did everyone have a nice weekend? What did everyone get up to?

I didn’t do much made some new crafty items to put into my etsy shop and made a really funky DIY button photo frame. It looks pretty awesome and it was heaps fun to make too.
If you are wanting to know why I look so grumpy in these photos its actually because I cut my finger pretty bad about 10 mins before I took these photos. I was attempting to change a light bulb, broke the light bulb and then slashed my finger open on the glass. Not nice especially as I didn’t realised until there was already blood everywhere!

So glad I only have to work 3 days this week. I already have an amazing week planned. Going thrift shopping at Redcliffe on Thursday and then to Petrie/Dayboro Markets on Friday to take some photos of the historical houses there! I also want to go and see the Surrealism exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art but that might have to wait till next week.

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Outfit Details:
Floral Cord Blazer from Dotti
Denim Babydoll vintage dress from Etsy
Black tights
Black leather vintage flats- thrifted
IMG_6731        IMG_6730

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