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How to Wear The Midi Skirt: Style 101

I wear midi and maxi skirts all the time because they are comfortable and versatile and great for hiding things like big thighs!
I have received many comments from readers that they are unsure if they could wear a midi skirt of if it would suit them. I have to say that this though definitely crossed my mind upon my first midi skirt purchase. I always try to dress for my shape and you would never see me wearing a bodycon skirt or midriff top. Not only do those items not compliment me but they do not fit my style. So I would suggest the first step is to find a midi skirt that you would wear not something that just looks nice at the shops.
If you are a Trinny and Susannah lover like me they would advise me not to wear the midi. This is simply because it cuts across the calf making you appear shorter and usually frumpier. However there are ways to avoid this.
  1. If you are short to average height (like myself) with short legs always choose to wear your midi skirt with chunky heels. Open heels without an ankle strap work best or nude heels as these elongate the leg and make you appear taller. This is turn combats the horrible “cut in half” look.
  2. If you are taller choose shorter heels or sandals with a slight heel. This helps to balance the overall look.
  3. Choose material that is loose and flowing- chiffon and silk work best.
  4. Do not choose a midi skirt that is tight around your butt. This will just make you look frumpier.
  5. Choose darker colours if you are over conscious of your lower half. A light flowy top will attract more attention to your top half.
  6. Wear a fitted jacket that sits just above your hips if you are chunkier on the bottom. This will again balance your overall look.
  7. Horizontal lines are a no-no. Unless you are stick thin they will only make you look larger
  8. If you want to wear flats go for a length that sits just below the knee and make sure those flats are nude!
  9. Wearing the midi higher on the waist with a skinny belt is always very flattering.
I have included some photos of some girls wearing the midi skirt or dress. Heaps of inspiration for us midi lovers!

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  1. Great advice, thanks! I've been inspired to add one of these to my autumn/winter shopping list. I'm going to look for one in fawn, which seems quite popular. They look so comfortable and fun to style!

  2. I found this post very interesting and helpful, so I've posted it on StumbleUpon. Thanks for sharing


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