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Interview with Jac in a Box Vintage

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1) How long have you been selling vintage fashion for?

Not very long at all actually, my little store is not even a year old yet! By trade I am a graphic/web designer, I started the vintage store to provide myself with a pleasant distraction from my usual day-to-day work. So far it's been a lovely surprise how smoothly and quickly the business is growing.Jac in a Box 2


2) Why vintage?

I'm drawn to vintage items, clothing and otherwise. You'd be pretty hard pressed to find one piece of furniture in my house that isn't pre-loved! There's a certain level of craftsmanship in vintage items that is difficult to find in things made nowadays.

I also find women's vintage fashion significantly more flattering and elegant than your average 'on-trend' clothing.Jac in a Box 3

3) How do find the amazing pieces in your shop?

With great patience and determination! I purchase most items from thrift stores, markets and online. I find that country or outer suburban thrift stores tend to have the best hidden gems.

I've looked into wholesalers and buyers to help with my workload, but the idea of bulk buying doesn't really appeal to me. I much prefer to hand select each item.


4) What is your favourite vintage piece you have found (and would never part with!)

This dress! (to the right) I purchased it for the store, but just can't give it up. I've not worn it outside of the house, and I'm not sure if I ever will, it just sits in the back of my wardrobe in all its glory.

There's also quite a few items that I have given up, that I really did not want to. In particular, this one (, this one ( and this one (


5) When will your web store be open?

I'm aiming for the online store to be fully functional by the end of September. For the moment, everything is available to purchase through Facebook with payments processed through PayPal or bank deposit.

Although, even when the online store is up and running, there will still be a very large focus on the Facebook page. I really enjoy being able to interact with customers and take in their feedback, so I'll still be posting all items on the Facebook page and running competitions through it as well.


6) Anything else you would like to tell my readers?

We have a small competition going on at the moment, with three Jac in a Box Vintage vouchers up for grabs. Visit the Facebook page to find out more.


Jac in a Box 1                  Red dress      Teardrop dressCat-bag

check out Jac’s Facebook page here!

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