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Mad Men Fashion Inspiration for the Everyday Girl

One of my favourite TV shows is the 1960s based show Mad Men. It is about Don Draper a man who works in advertising in New York City. However it is so much more than this. The show highlights martial issues including infidelity, stolen identities, psychological issues and so much more.

However the drama in the story is not what attracts me to this fabulous show. It is the fashion…
The show begins in 1960 (or maybe 1961?) when women were still wearing more 50s style dresses and hairstyles. I am almost finished watching season 4 which is set in 1965 and the fashion is slowly starting to change as the years go by.

I get so much inspiration from this show it is amazing. I wanted to share some of my favourite fashion pieces from the show and hope you can find some inspiration too!
Oh and if you haven’t see the show what are you WAITING FOR? Go and get the DVD box set now or get to your iTunes pronto!

I also created my own version of a "Mad Men" outfit via Polyvore. Hope you like :)

Mad Men

Lemon dress

Paul Smith crew neck top
£45 -

House of Harlow 1960 vintage pumps
$214 -

Glint vintage style handbag
$78 -

Beading jewelry

Cuteberry rhinestone jewelry
$18 - Tanktop Beauty
€35 -

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