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Tree of Life

On Friday my mum and I went to Geebung to do some op-shopping but didn’t find much. I found a denim blazer/jacket which was quite nice I will try to wear it in the next few weeks before it starts getting to unbearably hot to wear any layers.
I also went to Chermside shops without any money lol which is crazy (if you know Chermside shops you know what I mean! I could shop there for hours and not get bored!)
I came away with these lovely new shorts from Tree of Life. They sell a lot of bohemian/indian style clothing and most of the fabrics there are cotton and rayon which are two of my fave fabrics to wear.
These shorts are rayon and I will be wearing them with tights all throughout the year they are pretty versatile.
What did everyone get up to this weekend? I didn’t do much (no money) but re-arranged my house it looks heaps bigger now and I am really happy with how it turned out.
I was going to change my header but the new one was a bit fussy so I have left it how it is for now. That’s what happens when I am bored I have to get creative!
gr3             gr4          gr6gr5
Outfit Details:
Mixed media cardigan from Valleygirl
Tights from eBay
Printed high waist shorts from Tree of Life
Vintage leather flats- thrifted
Necklace- Diva

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