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A Winters Day

Yesterday was my first day as a part time worker and I have to admit I was pretty bored for the majority of the day.

I did manage to get to some thrift shops yesterday and picked up a new maxi dress, denim waistcoat and cropped MinkPink top. Pretty nice finds for my new springtime wardrobe.

Yesterday was so breezy and cold. I don’t find the weather here that cold but the last few days I have really felt it. The breeze is the main reason for the sudden chill.

Gotta get stuck into my uni and Photography course from next week. My main problem with study is procrastination. I always get things done on time but I always seem to work better when something is due in like 2 days.

If anyone has advice to help with procrastination I would gladly like to hear it!
Have a great weekend everyone Smile

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Outfit Details:
Denim skirt – thrifted
Black tights from eBay
Primark Printed Cardigan from eBay
Striped bow shirt from Kmart
Black clog sandals from Therapy via Brands Exclusive

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