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Blogger of the Month: Shasie of Live Life in Style

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Hi everyone! I would like to introduce you to one of my favourite fashion bloggers who is also reads my blog. I met Shasie on Independent Fashion Bloggers and have been reading her blog every week ever since.
I hope you will enjoy her blog and her take on life and fashion as much as I do!

Here is her blog Live Life in Style be sure to stop by and say hi!

1) Why did you decide to become a blogger and create Live Life in Style?
I decided to become a blogger in February of 2010 because I spent so much time uploading outfit pics to Facebook.  My friends suggested that I start a fashion blog and told me to check out  the blog What I Wore. I was very inspired by Jessica's blog and thought it WOULD be a fun to display my outfits via blogging, that way I could talk about them and network with other bloggers.

2) How would you describe your style?

I describe my basic personal style as MCT: Modern, Classic, Trendy. Though this is only my base, as I like to try whatever and anything I think will work for my figure. :-)

3) Who/What influences your sartorial style?
I don't really have any "celebrity" fashion icons, and I my style used to be mildly influenced by my favorite
fashion magazines. Today, I would say other bloggers really inspire me.  Things that I might not have tried because I didn't know how to style or if I could pull it off, I will try now.  But, for the most part my own artistic/creative side  inspires me to take my looks to the out-of-the-box level.

4) Do you have a favourite blogger? If so who is it and why?

Hmm last year it was Jessica Quirk of What I Wore, but since then I've discovered so many fantastic blogs and bloggers that I honestly don't think I have a "favorite" anymore. I'll always credit Jessica for the inspiration to start my own. 

5) Tell me about your pattern making course- what inspired you to start this?
I've been obsessed with Project Runway for many seasons, and finally  couldn't fight the " I want to learn how to sew" bug that it inspired. I signed up for a sewing 101 class last year and made 3 garments, in which the last one didn't turn out too well (it didn't fit and I thought it SHOULD based on my "pattern" measurements). That is when I realized I need to learn how to adjust patterns to my actual figure, and maybe in the future be able to design my own clothing patterns! :-)

6) Do you have a favourite clothing item?
Hmm, this is a very hard question, as I love many clothes and I have a lot of go-tos, but I think I'd have to say for right now this Summer,  I love Maxi Dresses.

7) What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
I recently just became an official member of the church here in Houston that I've been going to for about a year now off and on. I hope to increase my faith and become a strong active member in the church. As far as career, I would like to eventually have a side "hustle" in fashion...rather that's becoming a stylist, or just taking my blog to the next level :-), but for now I'm fine with my engineering job :-).

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