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Ok so I am totally obsessed with lovey dovey fantasy novels at the moment hence the title of my blog post (see Breaking Dawn Trailer here)

With the Twilight saga long behind me now (thank God to be truthful- as much as I am looking forward to the movie the books are lamo to me now!) I am always looking for bigger and better things. I of course have already latched onto the Fallen Angel craze via Lauren Kate’s Fallen” series but even this is slowly starting to bore me. Why I ask- is it finally old age catching up on me?

Overall my FAVOURITE series’ so far is the Cassandra Clare Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series. Although the main character Clary in the Mortal Instruments series drives me slightly insane with her whingey attitude and bad temper the books in general are incredibly well written and the fantasy world created by Clare is simply amazing.

The Infernal Devices is way up my alley set back in 1878 in Victorian England. Besides the usually feisty fantasy storyline I am in love with the “scenery”, clothing style and the way women were “women” and men were “gentlemen”. Aaah so much for the good old days.

The next book comes out in September I think and I am dying waiting for it! Dying so much I have decided to start writing my own fantasy novel just so I somewhere to hide away from “real life” in times of need.

I have put a link to my books website in my header bar at the top. Do check it out when you have time!


Outfit Details:

Black ikat print dress from Valleygirl

Tights from eBay

Bass Washington Loafers from Amazon

Red Beaded Necklace handmade by a colleague’s wife

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