"When you do dance, I wish you A wave o' th' sea, that you might ever do Nothing but that."

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Hi everyone. I have decided that from now on I will write at the bottom and keep the pics at the top. I read this article that said many people prefer images over words and that so many people are “blog hoppers” meaning they quickly flick through all their favourite blogs usually staying for a minute mostly to look at the pictures!

Anyway enough of that. How was everyone’s weekend? I cannot believe it is almost Spring! Part of me is happy but Springtime brings its many woes such as hay-fever (for me), spiders in my house and heat. Three things I don’t like very much.

It has been dreary, really windy and raining on and off today. It is nice as the plants and grass really need it – we haven’t had much rain through winter.

I thought I could make it through the cold season without getting sick but today I have pretty much felt it coming on. Hopefully some vegies, multi-vitamins and panadol will keep it at bay, especially as this is a really busy week for me!

Well I am off to eat the tea cake I just cooked. Happy Sunday everyone Smile

Outfit Details: Black Maxi Skirt- vintage, Red and black floral sheer top from Target, Therapy clogs from Brands Exclusive

Quote: Shakespeare

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