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What’s in my Wardrobe


dot1dot3dot2dot5dot4Wearing: Polka dot maxi skirt- thrifted, Black top from Target, Blue spangled vest from Jeans West, Shoes from Target, Necklace from Diva, Tan leather bag from Fossil

I love those blog posts where people show us inside their wardrobes so thought I would mix up an outfit post with a ‘’what’s in my wardrobe’ post.

So there you have it above, my two wardrobes worth of clothes. Not all of them I wear some of them are my for my shop and some are left over from my previous eBay shop. However I generally try to wear everything once in a while at least. I really feel like I need to do that 30 for 30 challenge however to get my wardrobe a little more into gear and sorted.

oh and how cool is the pic above with Bella jumping. I use a tripod to take my photos but didn’t realise she was getting in the way (as usual) she loves crashing a photo shoot!
Have a great weekend everyone Smile


How To Wear Vintage Clothing in a Modern World

How to Wear Vintage 101 (set 4)
How to Wear Vintage 101 (set 3)
How to Wear Vintage 101 (set 2)
How to Wear Vintage 101 (set 1)

I have been wanting to do this post for awhile as so many people want to know how to incorporate vintage items to create unique and fresh modern vintage looks.

So I put the outfits above together just to serve that purpose. I believe vintage is what makes an outfit unique and sometimes quirky but of course there are a few rules to adhere to:

1. Never wear full vintage from a single era- 50s shoes, gloves, hat, bag and dress = going to a fancy dress party. However it is always ok to wear full vintage just try to mix up the eras and have fun!

2. Some people will choose one signature vintage piece and incorporate a modern style to the rest of the outfit. This is like the look I created above (set 1 with the bell-bottoms). The jeans are vintage but the rest of the outfit is made up of modern pieces- of course this is personal preference.

3. Have fun with vintage and don’t be afraid to mix colours and patterns as well as trying out something new. Fashion is soo much fun so just go with how you feel and don’t be afraid to stand out!

I try to incorporate vintage into every single one of my outfits as much as I can. My worst nightmare is seeing someone wearing the same thing as me and vintage clothing always helps solve this little issue!

I hope you enjoyed my post and let me know if there is anything else like this you would like me to write about!

A Thrifted Find and Some Gold Shoes


Wearing: Vintage 90s floral dress- thrifted, Black tights from eBay, Black Cardigan from Target, Gold Seychelles Booties from Amazon

This was the amazing dress I got from the thrift shop the other day when the thrift shop was having a sale. I got this little number for just $3! Such a bargain.
It is a typical 90s dress with the corset back and heart shaped neckline. Love the 90s style it is sooo comfy and relaxed. I wore this to work on Monday mostly because I wanted it to be a good day and gold shoes always make my day! These shoes are almost completely sold out now and now wonder they are so comfy and incredibly stylish. I wasn’t so sure about them at first but so glad I got them and they are much more versatile then what I originally though.

Hope everyone is having a great week.


Winner of the Fieldguided Tote Bag!




Hi everyone firstly I want to say a big thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and for your continued support of my blog.
I couldn't imagine having this many dedicated readers when I started my blog so it is a true honour to have such a loyal audience!


And the winner is Cait with the lucky number 9 comment! Hope you will enjoy your prize Cait it is much sought after!


Inspiration Monday: Formals and Proms

I was one of those girls who didn’t get to go to her end of school formal/prom. I wasn’t planning on going and as fate had it I ended up with chicken pox the week of the formal. I went to the shops with my mum to look at all the pretty womens evening dresses but deep down I already knew it wasn’t for me (I was Goth at the time lol)

In Australia many schools are now gearing up for their end of year formals so I have put together an inspiration page for those girls who are getting ready for the glam night. Hope you enjoy the images I have found and make sure you look fabulous for the once in a lifetime occasion!

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All images via WeHeartIt