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Blogger of the Month: Kala from Feathers & Things

I was lucky enough to interview one of my favourite vintage bloggers for my Blogger of the Month feature. Although there are tons of fashion blogs out there I have realised that there aren’t many entirely devoted to vintage. This all changed when I found Kala’s blog Feathers and Things.
Her love of vintage and her style immediately drew me in and I read her blog very often now. Check it out!


1) Why did you decide to become a blogger and create Feathers and Things?
       I started my handmade etsy in 2009 and within a year I swiftly fell in love with the online/blogging community.  There are so many amazing, creative people who can express their love for vintage and handmade items through their blogs! I just HAD to jump on the bandwagon.

2) How would you describe your style?

        This is such a difficult question for me to answer! I wear such a variety of clothing. Basically anything vintage/second hand. I guess the best way to describe my style would be "eclectic" I'm all over the board!

3) Who/What influences your sartorial style?

         The garment! Whenever I look at a piece of clothing I instantly get a vision of how I can style it and make it into something I want. I love how clothing can fuel my creativity! It's almost like everyday is a creative challenge, I'm a little too obsessive when it comes to "getting dressed in the morning"

4) Do you have a favourite blogger? If so who is it and why?

        One of the very first blogs I started to read was Francisca's blog, The Snail and The Cyclops. Her sense of style is so inspiring! I love how feminine everything is. She takes vintage clothing and brings them back to their roots! I just can't get enough. While in San Francisco last year for Renegade Craft Fair I was lucky enough to meet up with her for some drinks. She is so charming, just like you'd expect from the way she writes on her blog. I was devastated when she decided to stop posting on The Snail and The Cyclops. I'm sure whatever else she has to bring to the online community will be just as beautiful if not even better! Gushhhh.

5) Where do you find all of your amazing vintage clothing?

        I am constantly on the lookout for vintage everywhere. Thrift stores, estate sales, vintage clothing shops, antique malls, you name it! Having an etsy makes is soooo (too) easy to shop for wonderful vintage treasures.

6) Do you have a favourite thrifted find?

        Ugh, so many! I don't know where to begin. I found this amazing 1920's dress at St. Vincent about a year ago and just about had a vintage heart attack. Also pretty much anything from the 1920's - 1950's that I have found have been my "favorite."  Those are always the hardest for me to let go (that's probably why I end up with so many to myself. (;)

7) What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

     To be honest I try not to look too far ahead! However, in a more practical sense I really hope to continue blogging on a more regular basis, bringing inspiration from my corner of the online world. I also hope to one day start my own online shop (or possibly a real life shop?!) selling vintage and handmade items. Working more along the lines of "branding" myself and my company! However, nothing is set in stone. (:


  1. I follow her blog as well as yours and let me just say, both of your blogs of very influential. Thank you for sharing your styles with us!

  2. She's so pretty and I love her vintage fashion sense.

    In reply to your comment: Yeap, those lenses come with prescription (mine are). They go up to -8.00 for some of the designs :)

  3. I love her vintage style, and the interview is so interesting!
    can I candidate myself for next month? :)


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