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Dreaming of Chanel: A Vintage Clothing Exhibition

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OMG I was totally in vintage couture heaven today when I attended the QUT Art Gallery- Dreaming of Chanel Exhibition. I went with some people from work and took plenty of photos much to the annoyance (I think) of these two snooty old ladies who kept looking at me.

The curator went through some of the garments and told a story about them and how they became a part of Charlotte Smith’s collection. Charlotte inherited the collection from her godmother Dora and has since doubled her collection which now sits at around 6000 vintage garments including shoes, bags, hats, gloves and of course the lovely dresses.

They discussed the Chanel suit which is the pink one in the pictures above and the Chanel wedding gown which is the one I am standing next to in the first picture. Seeing that dress makes me want to find a man right this instance and get married. Of course I would want a replica of that exact dress though!
I was pretty much in awe the entire time I especially loved the 1920s and 1930s flapper dresses they were stunning. The detail, fabric and everything about the garments screamed elegance and class. What I wouldn’t give to own such an amazing collection like this.

I had a few favourite dresses and here are some mini pics of them:

The first one was my favourite out of all so delicate and beautiful. I would totally wear this one! The second polka dot 50s one was handmade and each of the polka dots has been hand painted onto the dress. I love the 50s dresses as I always find that a-line suits me best. The third one is an stunning beige lace flapper dress I am wanting to find something similar to wear right now. The final one was another 50s a-line one which would be great to wear at work.

Phew.. Hope you enjoy this post I had such an amazing time I just had to share it!

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