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Guest Post: Tura from Tikkitiboo & Akka Vintage


Hi all!  The lovely Ilana has graciously allowed us to ransack her blog guest post this week and share some rather covet-able items we have hidden in the depths of our vintage loving wardrobe (closet for all you international readers).

Being shameless op-shoppers (we're usually the ones that follow you around like a hawk waiting for you to put what you have in your hand down.  Other times we use the crash-tackle method to get what we want) we love a good bargain and are always on the hunt for that piece of clothing. 

Our numero umero tip for finding good vintage? (payment due later for letting this little secret out....)


Should we spell it out for you? oh, already did.  Anywho - searching through dozens of boring items in an op shop or charity store is a rather mundane exercise.  Certainly, be thorough in your search, but you are always immediately drawn to colour or patterns that differ from the crowd - and closer inspection usually gives you the best of the bunch.  Focusing on patterned vintage has a number of advantages.  First it conceals flaws very easily, which can work in your favor if you are absolutely in love with it and are willing to spend the time doing repairs.  It also helps these repairs to be camouflaged well.  Also patterns and details add character and individuality to a dress/skirt/whatever that helps to wear it in a number of different styles.  These days modern clothing styles try to emulate the vintage-feel fabric; however they fall short when it comes to the type of pattern used and also the quality of the modern fabric; it just doesn't hold up against the vintage version.  I read once that women in the 40-50's's had a maximum of 6 'going out' dresses.  SIX!  So these babies had to be made to last, both in style and workmanship.  Which makes me wonder how many more of these originals are still floating around out there....

That being said, we think we are rather masterful at finding the juice when we go hunting... and even if you find it we are also skilled at the art of making you think it won't look any good just so we can get our grubby little paws on it.  Here are a few of the little ditties that are on high rotation (blogger speak for wearing it a lot) in our wardrobe/ closet/ place for your clothes. 

1            2

1:  60's shift dress - by far the most worn dress ever. I'm still not sick of it yet -just check out those florals!

2: A great 60's shift dress in olive green - this is my shopping/running errands/too lazy to dress up dress

3          4

3: Now this dress sparked controversy and arguments.  You can read about them here.

4: My very latest acquisition - original 50's, flared skirt - no patterns (heard you!) but amazing bust details and killer belt.  It has some minor repairs (the hem) and cleaning to be done before it is wearable. 


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