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Pain is filtered in a poem so that it becomes finally, in the end, pleasure.

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Escape into the shadows by Praveen
I tried too hard
to be noticed,
I tried to be someone 
I was not;

waiting and waiting
I watch time slowly tick away
as another day dawns
I watch the world scurry around;

I wanted to be someone,
I wanted to be famous,
I wanted life and
I wanted love;

I wanted a lot of things
that were out of reach
as I sink in slowly
under the weight of expectations;

I tried to be what they
wanted me to be,
I tried to be what I was
not meant to be;

I tried too hard
I pushed too far
and I went too far;

with a forced smile,
and  a fake laughter
to cover my tracks
I escape into the shadows
and try to fight this one out,
all alone.

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