Pushing the Boundaries with a Maxi and Rocker Shirt


Deep Red Maxi Skirt- thrifted; White Rocker Shirt from Target; Black Crochet Vest from Temt; Beige Flower Flats from Target

Yesterday was the first day of spring and it has definitely well and truly here. Just check out the super blue skies, blossoming flowers and bright sunlight in these pictures! Not to mention the heat. I’m almost left thinking- where did winter go?

Well this weekend I will be preparing for for hotter weather to come. I will be getting rid of my winter sheets and wool doona; filing away all of my warmer clothes and best of all cleaning my air-conditioning vents! Oh what fun

Went to my first class at uni yesterday even though it is week 6! I really need to stop procrastinating but I believe it is my number 1 talent.

I am also looking for guest-posters for my blog this month. Got something to say or want to do a guest-post swap? Contact me!

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