Guest Post by Kelly from Elegantly Academic

Hi My Modern Vintage readers! My name is Kelly from Elegantly Academic
Ilana & I recently became blogging buddies & we thought it would be fun to do a guest post for each other & introduce ourselves to each others readers (we hope you don't mind).
My blog is primarily style based, but I also love to include other things I find academically and elegantly inspiring. I have given up trying to define my style as it seems to be different everyday. 
I love vintage dresses & this dress is a gift from a dear friend. It was a little long so I took it up to make it look a little more modern. So I guess you could say it is a my modern vintage dress! He, he ... apologies for cheesy humour.
Thanks so much for reading my guest post & hopefully you enjoyed it. I would love for you to come say hello over at my blog.

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  1. I love this blog so and I terribly miss Kelly's blog. I hope you both are well and I truly hope Kelly blogs again because she was wonderful.



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