Nerds Need Love Too

c1c2c5c4           c3c6c7Wearing: Vintage green maxi skirt- thrifted ($2), Nerds Need Love Too shirt from Shop Ruche, Vintage straw bag- thrifted, White tights from eBay, Black wedge shoes from Williams

Wow what an incredibly long day. Work is super busy at the moment and with the added stress of finishing up in 8 weeks it is super crazy.

I was pretty happy with my outfit today.
The weather is starting to get really warm now so not sure how much longer I will be able to get away with nylon footed tights. I just love tights so much though and they add a lovely touch to most outfits. Maybe I just need to move to a colder climate?

I don’t wear white tights often as they look best on girls with skinny chicken legs but I think the longer skirt made them look nice.


Well uni is over for the year (yay!) and work over soon (double yay!) so of course I will need to find something to fill the void between December and end of February. I am considering starting my own online magazine but not sure yet – I have some ideas in process but nothing solid.

Other than that I will probably be devoting much more time to my blog and my vintage clothing and handmade shop on Etsy. I really don’t spend much time on it and making sales becomes scarce the less time you spend on something.

Are you having a nice week?

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