Thrifted Finds and Some Vintage Dresses

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Wearing: White Esprit top, Grey knit crop top from Target, Necklace from Diva, Tan Leather bag from Fossil, Floral midi skirt- thrifted and Leather blue clogs via eBay, Black Ray-Ban original Wayfarers

Today was amazing. I went out to Redcliffe for a visit to my grandparents house which was really nice. We went out into their garden and my grandad gave me one of his precious orchids so now I just need to make sure that it doesn’t die!

I went around to a few of the thrift shops and found the things above. The first dress is a vintage 1970s maxi dress which was just $5. It is so comfy and cool and looks great with a belt and wedges I cannot wait to wear it!
The second dress is a vintage 80s handmade patchwork dress. So adorable I just had to get it – cost $2.

The last three things I got were vintage bags. I haven’t bought many vintage bags for awhile but I couldn’t leave without these babies. Each bag was $3. There is a vintage vegan leather floral tapestry bag, a black and tan leather bucket bag and the most adorable straw mini bag with wooden handles.

Total for today – $16!
All in all I think I went pretty well. What do you think??

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