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What I Want Gossip Girl Style

At the moment I am watching Gossip Girl season 4 and I am in love with the choice of outfits the girls wear! Of course if you were that filthy rich you would indeed have a never ending supply of designer shoes and bags let alone jewellery! I have created some of the styles below that the girls wear in the show. Watching the show really inspires me but it also makes me want to spend money!

1. The Vanessa

Vanessa loves thrift shopping and does not come from a wealthy family. She dresses in gorgeous boho style clothes and loves to mix patterns and prints. Her style is relaxed and always looks comfortable.

The Vanessa

2. The Serena 

Serena is tall blond sexy and knows it. She loves to show off her long legs in super short dresses and towering high heels. She is not afraid to wear things others wouldn’t and is a huge lover of bodycon dresses and expensive shoes

The Serena

3. The Blair 

Blair is a lover of romantic pretty clothes and would never be seen dead in something that didn’t cost over $1000. She loves anything designer, lady-like dresses, tights in a multitude of colours and high heels or cute flats

The Blair

4. The Jenny 

Jenny is upper east sides one and only blond goth rocker chic. She loves anything that screams rebel including plaid, frayed things, rocker chic jewellery, black eyeliner and punk boots

The Jenny

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it!!!

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