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Where the wild things are

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Wearing: floral and black blouse- thrifted, black jeans- Target, black vintage flats- thrifted

Last day at work for the week woo hoo! Sorry for the shitty quality of the images I changed my settings to RAW to see if it would make the photos clearer but obviously not or maybe I just am an amateur when it comes to shooting in RAW.

Anyway will be changing it back to the normal settings and possibly changing back over to my 50mm lens as the clarity of a prime lens is so much better than those silly zoom lenses.

Have almost finished reading the book “The Passage” by Justin Cronin. Has anyone else read this? I am thinking of reviewing it as it is very good although some aspects I would have changed.

It is also being made into a movie which will be amazing. Still haven’t seen “Breaking Dawn Pat 1” has anyone else seen it? Yes or no-go??


Seize the Day


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wearing: vintage floral skirt- thrifted, black t-shirt from Target, black socks by Bonds, brown Mary janes by Camper, tan h&m bag via eBay

Only 11 more days left of work it is going so fast yet so slow if you know what I mean.

I think it’s because when you mentally check out it is also difficult to retain a physical presence.

This year certainly has been a crazy one with so many ups and downs but I am really feeling quite ready now for the changes that 2012 will most likely bring.

I remember a time when I was so afraid of change that I would go out of my way to ensure things stayed the same.

Not only did this make me depressed (due to things not staying the same) it was also terrible for my health and well being.

If there is one thing I have learnt out of anything this year it is to embrace change with open arms and accept the fact that nothing lasts forever.

This in turn makes every day significant! “Carpe diem!!”


Inspiration Monday: Loafers

Loafers- my fashion must have. I don’t know what I would do without my trusty go-to Bass Washington loafers with their cute kiltie style tassels. I also love my new Merlin loafers that should be coming from ASOS sometime this week.

Here are some cute loafers for those of us on a budget and girls who know how to rock them!

1. Madewell Loafers  2. Topshop loafers 3. ASOS Mars Loafers  4. Dorothy Perkins Loafers

1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Guest Blogging at Reasons to Celebrate

Hi everyone I am away from my blog today guest blogging over at Mackenzie's blog- Reasons to celebrate.
Check out my post here

Also if you haven't already done so there is still time to enter my Frankie Magazine giveaway which will be drawn on the 30th of November!

Till tomorrow,


What I Want: ghd Scarlet Collection


I am totally lusting after this stunning limited edition Scarlet ghd inspired by the roaring 20s

Katy Perry is the brands ambassador and she looks amazing with the 1920s inspired hairstyle.

I have had my current ghd for about 3 years now and I would simply die if something was to happen to it!

I used to use it mostly for straightening but now much prefer to use if to give my hair some nice bouncy curls.

This would make an incredible Christmas gift for the lovely woman in your life or for yourself too!
Here are some 1920’s hairstyles for inspiration- enjoy!

Images via-

Interview with The Styling Dutchman

Annebeth who runs The Styling Dutchman is one of my favourite Euro bloggers. Her style is as quirky as her posts and I love reading every word of her posts. She is charismatic, funny and damn good at looking effortlessly chic.

I was lucky enough to interview her. Here’s what she had to say:

Where do you find most of your amazing clothes?
I'm actually a really bad shopper: I only visit a limited number of shops instead of being aware of all the awesomeness out there! It all starts with inspiration for me: instead of just going out "to shop" I usually just catch a whiff of something online or in a TV series or movie that looks like it will complete my look or be a definite asset to my wardrobe, and then I go search for it online and in stores. Right now I'm looking for slouchy statement sweaters, doc martens, flatform/creeper shoes and faux fur! :-)

What is T2 Vintage?
T2 or Think Twice a Finnish chain of second-hand stores that collects its items from the Baltic states and sells them to me in Antwerp! :-D Best thing ever: their monthly sales, when everything gets marked down starting with 30% and going down down down for days until everything is just 1 euro the last day: heaven!

What are you studying at University?
Communication Sciences :) I love it dearly and I'm writing my thesis on Lady Gaga! :-D

Where do you find inspiration for your outfits?
Mostly online: I'm a huge tumblr fan, it's this feed of inspiration that comes from people who have similar style and taste. And from "ideas", really! I am into retro stuff so when I have a piece, I often try to style it up to what I think represents retro style. Mad Men was an amazing retro inspiration to me (and continues to be). And sometimes I get my inspiration from the weirdest places, like Robyn's video clips. She always wears this sort of modern take on 80s new wave and 90s skinhead fashion and it rocks my world.
Oh and other blogs of course! Some of my faves are , and but I have loads of favourites really. Awesome women with awesome style.

How would you describe your style?
Right now I'm really being inspired by my main occupation (being a uni student) so I'm usually sticking to my vintage take on collegiate style I guess. I love piling on colors and prints but I still keep it quite classic. My style isn't edgy or anything, I always go for wearable and real.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Hopefully as a serious journalist? Or a communications researcher? I don't know, something that stimulates me intellectually! And married to my boyfriend of 8 years of course! :-D

Any advice or tips for new fashion bloggers?
Only start doing it if you really love it. Find your own voice and own style regardless of what other people do. Take pride in what you do and strive to be the best you you can be. And have fun! :-)


Star Spangled Dress

wearing: Vintage star print dress- thrifted, black tights from Kmart, H&M tan handbag, black clogs by Therapy via Brandsexclusive

How is everyone’s week going?

I bought this dress at a thrift shop last week and it was a great find. There are a few holes in this little number which will require mending but nothing I cannot fix.
I am proud to say that my steampunk jewellery is selling really well. Just today I sold 3 necklaces at work. eventually I aim to expand my business and create custom orders for people. You can see my designs here.

I also got some fantastic bargains from ASOS on sale:

ASOS Merlin loafers                                             ASOS Tobacco tights
Both of these for under $50! So happy I love shoes that have leather insoles too as they are much better for your feet.
I have also seen heaps of bloggers wearing the tobacco tights and they are a stunning colour so I knew I just had to get myself some
Till tomorrow, Ilana

Outfit Du Jour - Pink and Purple Colour Block

Wearing: Pink eyelet blouse- thrifted, purple jeans- thrifted, nude kitten heels from Williams, amethyst bracelet c/o Anjolee
It is officially weird wearing colour throughout my outfit. I always manage to find room for something black, grey or white.
Today I wanted to try a colour block so I paired my thrifted purple jeans with my thrifted pale pink eyelet top. Pink and purple were my favourite colours when I was young however I don’t think I have ever worn them together!

I originally was going to wear red or yellow with the purple as yellow is a complementary colour whilst red is next to purple on the colour wheel and always makes purple stand out just that bit more.
However I decided to play it safe with these pretty hues rather than attract too much attention.
I have had some compliments on these jeans though so that has been nice. The problem with wearing dresses all the time is that no one notices but everyone notices when you try something new.
Definitely something I need to do more often

What do you think about colour blocking?

AND MY FRANKIE MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY is still open for another week so make sure you enter and share for extra votes!!


Inspiration Monday: Colour Block

This week’s inspiration is a trend I admire on so many people. I myself am wearing two colours today (pink and purple) which you will see in my outfit post tomorrow.

Sometimes I find that colour blocking can be hit or miss but there are just sooo many people that pull it off well

Here are some of my favourite images of fashionista’s pulling of this stylish trend. (All images contain links to original source)
Do you colour block?