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Etsy Shop Updates

Here are some of the new treasures in my etsy shop. I have been busy with my steampunk designs but have still found some more vintage treasures for the shop.
I am really happy with how my steampunk designs have turned out. I will continue making more it is so much fun if a little bit costly. Let me know if you want to purchase anything! All items can be found HERE

On another note don’t forget to enter my FRANKIE MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY!

XX Ilana
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1. Vintage velvet skirt

2. Vintage leather loafers size 7.5
3. Vintage style steampunk floral brooch

4. Vintage floral patchwork midi dress
5. Vintage floral cream 70s dress
6. Steampunk wings necklace
7. Vintage bird print mini dress
8. Butterfly beaded steampunk necklace
9. Pocket watch style steampunk necklace
10. Owl with wings silver steampunk necklace

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