Inspiration Monday: British Bloggers

For some reason I am totally obsessing over UK fashion bloggers right now. They all have such unique quirky style that is entirely British/Irish/Scottish in itself.
I have found so much inspiration from these bloggers so this week’s fashion inspiration post is dedicated entirely to them.
1. A Little Bird Told Me
Totally in love with Jen’s quirky style. She always look effortlessly polished in vintage frocks or skinny jeans and boots. Definitely one of my fave blogs right now

2. This Charming Style
This UK blogger has a style all to her own. She loves to mix prints, wears vintage rock tees with leather and boots and occasionally rocks a pretty dress with creepers or stylish ankle boots. I originally found her on Chictopia and love her attitude and personal style.

3. The Magpie Girl
Vicki is such an inspiration with her funky red hair, cute looks and amazing sense of style. I have only started reading her blog a few weeks ago and I cannot get enough of it. Here are some of her outfits I love.

4. Yours Truly
Kerry is simply one of my fave finds so far her style is lovely with pretty vintage frocks, polka dot tights and cute shoes. She always has amazing photos at her blog as well and I really enjoy reading it and looking at her travels around the UK.


  1. Love Magpie Girl & Stylish Heart ... Also a big fan of Stylish Heart.
    PS your blog is looking very spiffy at the moment. Every time I dro by it's looking better & better ...

    Kelly @ 
    Elegantly Academic

  2. thanks Kelly I love her too interviewed her earlier this year she is lovely XX Ilana


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