A New Short Hair Cut for Summer


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Wearing: Valley girl pants, black vintage leather flats- thrifted and floral singlet from Big W

OMG I finally did it and got all of my crazy, heavy mop of thick frizzy whatever you want to call it hair removed! I honestly can say that I feel like a new person it is crazy!

I have always hated short hair since I was 13 and had all of my locks chopped off in an unfortunate incident. People all said I looked like my brother and that we could be twins- I immediately swore I would never have short hair again otherwise I would look like a boy!

But I love it and I don’t care! I based it on Emily Browning’s hairstyle as I love her she is adorable but edgy at the same time which is great.

         EmilyBrowning4        Emily Browning Short Hairstyles Short Straight -oYe6OLeBWYl

Let me know what you think

XX Ilana


  1. It looks amazing! So so pretty and it is such a great cut for the shape of your face...perfection!


  2. It's very cute! Like Jenna said, it's a fantastic cut for your face.

  3. I *love* this outfit. The pants and top are both fantastic. And your hair cut looks great! It really is a perfect cut for you!

  4. it looks like you were made for short hair. it's sassy & fun.

  5. Very cute! Looks good! I cut my hair this past summer too!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  6. FashionMakeUp LifeStyleDecember 4, 2011 at 5:51 AM

    I love it. You look super pretty girl.

    <3 Marina     

  7. Cuteee! I love it. I've always wanted to try a short hairdo.. but every time I get into the chair I change my mind... Im not brave enough to go through it with.. Anyway, love it! It looks good on you.


  8. thanks so much and some advice- do it! it is totally scary but worth it :)

  9. Lovely hair cut! Even I had extra long hair but now I have short scrunchy messy look :)


  10. Love your new cut! so cute and fun I will live vicariously through your hair! haha Love this little number too, thank you for linking up!


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