What I Want: Glitter Shoes!

All I want for Christmas is Glitter shoes!
With so many designs, colours and shapes one could not put a foot wrong! Glitter shoes are great to brighten up any boring old outfit and add a whimsical sparkle to your day. There were millions more I could add but these are my faves.
I especially want the silver Marc Jacobs ones - oh if only I could afford them!


  1. Always love jeffery campbells so there my fave! Not too hot on sparkly shoes usually but I am finding myself oddly drawn to them lately. If only the money matched the wish list haha! xx

  2. i know wish i could buy em all

  3. Get them! They are lovely and such a statement!

    All the best, ~Angel

  4. I love glitter shoes! I bought a pair of wedges with a glitter sole yesterday! They're potentially a bit small though so I have to decide whether to keep them or not!

    Sadie x

  5. Hell yeah, I agree. Aside from Miu Miu (as if) I have my eyeson a Topshop pair.


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