Mad Men Inspired

Mad Men Inspired
Mad Men Inspired by ilanamorgan featuring rhinestone brooches

I am totally in love with polka dots right now and red and navy just go so damn well together.

Updates $50 challenge

Having such a strict budget is more challenging than I originally thought.
There are like a million things I want to buy this week so finding thing within such a stringent budget is proving to be quite difficult.
Here are some pics of the items I am thinking about getting:

Both of these items are from Etsy store Myriad of Mischief and they are both lovely and within the budget.
I am also trying desperately to save for a Canon 500d digital camera so I can actually put some photos in the outfit section of my blog.
Oh well will just have to keep dreaming for now
Ilana XoXo

This weeks Challenge: An outfit with $50

So this week I am setting myself a budget that I have to at least attempt to stick to.
I thought I would challenge myself to find an entire outfit (including shoes or a bag) which will cost me just $50.
I know this is going to prove extremely difficult but believe it will be heaps fun and I always love a challenge.
Will be going to scour some of the Brisbane city op-shops to see if I can find something nice but their stuff is always a little rich for thrift store stuff.
So good luck to me :) but maybe this is something all us girls should challenge ourselves to do every once in a while

Another day at home and Etsy Shop Updates

I still cannot go to work due to the horrific floods that thrashed through Brisbane just last week.
Am pretty scared about what I will see when I go back to work later this week. I am hoping it looks relatively the same.

So I am taking this opportunity to get my blog out there in the blogosphere. It will take a while considering Australia generally seems to be cut off from the rest of the world.

Other than that I have some awesome new products in my Etsy shop:


Neutral by ilanamorgan featuring black necklaces

This is essentially the outfit I will be wearing out today it it so terrible here neutral colours seem like a good idea.

The colour block

The colour block
The colour block by ilanamorgan featuring red jackets

Here I have colour blocked the bottom in all black in order to attract attention to the top half.
Great for girls like me who have a pear shape.


Wanted by ilanamorgan featuring bell sleeve dresses

I adore everything in this set. I will be purchasing all of these items very soon.
I already have an Eiffel tower necklace and glitter tights so now just need the rest!

Girly girl outfit

Girly girl outfit
Girly girl outfit by ilanamorgan featuring ribbon socks

I am getting these boots! the rest would love to have of course :)

How I wish for autumn

How I wish for autumn
How I wish for autumn by ilanamorgan featuring a cross body shoulder bag

An outfit inspired by my constant wishing for cooler weather


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