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She sings and dances like no one is watching

I had a pretty stress free day on Monday and was excited to come home and take some pictures for my blog.  I just got this pretty dress from ASOS. I am pretty much in love with ASOS it has so many amazing things and free shipping! That is usually the biggest turn off about online shopping for me.
I always find that shipping to Australia is sooo expensive so to be able to spend the money on extra clothes rather than shipping is fantastic.
This dress is so perfect for every season and the swing skirt in lovely. I am pretty much obsessed with Zooey Deschanel so I am always trying to channel her style through my own.

Outfit details:
Dress- Vero Moda via ASOS
Tights- Bonds
Shoes- Thrifted
Bow Headband

My Photography

Some of my photography.
Please be nice I am very new to this but gee it is fun!


Where dreams come to life

 I have always wanted to create photography like this. Not only is it devine it also portrays the theme of sleep and dreams.
I found these images incredibly inspirational (and kinda sleepy)
I am hoping that one day I will be able to create beautiful photographs in order to capture the very essence of life.

Images courtesy of:

My love for polka dots grows deeper

I am totally in love with polka dots- always have been always will be.
I find that items with dots always look so stylish and are amazingly versatile.
This cute dress has been sitting in my wardrobe for about 2 years now I have only worn it once to a friends party.
For that reason I am currently selling it on eBay but wanted to take one last shot in it for old times sake.
I am also loving these shoes. They are vintage hush puppies from Etsy with vintage gold shoe clips. They are a touch big but very comfortable and great quality.

I have officially decided to begin my new exercise regime this afternoon. Bought a dress today but it does not fit :(
Very sad but need to start attending to this before nothing fits anymore.
Have a good one and check out my Etsy shop for new items.

The Details

 Outfit Details:
Polka Dot Dress from Valleygirl
Tights from Myer
Cardigan from my shop
Owl Brooch- Gift from my mum
Shoes- Vintage from Etsy


Dear Creatures

Dear Creatures plaid dress
$145 -

Trench coat
$200 -

Crochet stocking
$12 -

$7.99 -

Satchel bag
$50 -


Summer Finn


A trip down memory lane

I absolutely love this dress from Modcloth. It is the dot couture dress in noir and is quite lovely with a full skirt and gorgeous pink dots all over.
However I am slightly disappointed as I purchased this dress late last year and have not yet been able to wear it as the material is a bit heavy for this horrible heat.
I have piled on the weight over the last few months which has caused a lot of my clothes to no longer fit nicely and I generally despise people who wear clothes that are too small for them.

This dress is unfortunately getting to be this way so I will attempt to lose a few kilos for it to fit nicely but I am not too sure how that will go with the impending cooler months ahead. 
I also found the shoes during one of my random boutique store rampages through the city. There is this nifty little shop in the Adelaide st Arcade in Brisbane which sell vintage and designer clothing.
It's definitely a great way to de-stress after a busy week and I usually find myself there on a Friday afternoon.

Outfit Details:
Dress- Modcloth
Shoes- Camper
Brown tights- Ebay
Gold snakeskin vtg belt- Etsy
Cobb & Co Leather Satchel - thrifted


All that Jazz and a little bit 90s

 There is definitely a little part of me that would kill to go back and live through the 90s again. However this time I would do it as a young adult rather than a child.
There are many things I love about the 90s - the grunge style, knee high socks, plaid, the grunge style music and female rock bands.
That was what attracted me to this adorable floral babydoll 90s dress. It is so soft and comfortable and incredibly versatile. I am planning on re-mixing this little number over the next few months.

I will be exploring my love of the 90s through my style for a while. It is something that is inspiring me at the moment. Come to think of it I may even sit through the infamous 90s flick Clueless tonight.

Outfit Details:
Babydoll vintage dress- Etsy
Tights- Ebay
Black suede heels- Jane Lamerton


My style inspiration

So many things inspire me everyday to create a certain look, mix colours, prints and designs.
Below are some pics which I find inspiration in. You may find them inspiring too.


 Most of these images are from the blogs in my reading list or from
The ones of Zooey and Rachel are from Google.