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Give Me Cream and Lace

vintage style dress

vintage clothing

vintage shoes

lace skater dress

summer 2012 fashion trends


  • Cream Lace skater dress from Just Jeans (sold out online- similar)
  • Gold snakeskin vintage belt from Etsy
  • pink necklace from Collette
  • Brown 90s vintage sandals- thrifted

I wore this outfit yesterday to catch up with my old work colleague for brunch. Nothing says brunch more than a cream lace skater dress right?

Lately I have felt conflicted with my clothing choices because I feel like my style is/has changed a lot since I started my blog and I afraid this will affect my readership but at the same time I need to stay true to myself even if that means losing out.

I find some blogs I read including some of my favourite ones always post the same outfit pics again and again which I feel becomes a little boring after a while.

Right now I am really getting into more edgier pieces thanks to all the awesome UK fashion blogs I have been reading.

Do you feel your style changes constantly and how does it affect your blog?


  1. Such a gorgeous dress, it looks amazing on you!

    My style hasn't changed much since I started blogging, I think.
    I also think it's always better to stay true to yourself and not dress to please anyone else.

  2. Your dress is so cute, I love the belt you paired it with!

    I think staying true to yourself is the best thing to do, you shouldn't have to change the way you dress just to keep readers. In fact, they might even like your new style better!

    1. I sure hope so although I will never change too much :-)

  3. That dress is gorgeous! You look lovely :) You should definitley stay true to yourself... and if your followers leave you, there shouldn't be there anyway. Followers should be happy that your growing and support you in your desicions :) xx

  4. really love the dress! <3

  5. cute dress! yes, i feel like my style changes all the time. I think it depends on the season.

    Great blog.

    New follower from IFB.

  6. This dress is the gold belt too!!! I too often feel as though my style changes, but remember, as you change we change...and perhaps if it doesn't fit someone else, you will begin to have a following that truly appreciates your style!!! Me being one of them! Love all your thrifty finds! Keep linking them up!

    ColorBlind Thrifters Anonymous Link Up!


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